Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Stupid Applejuice

So, as a parent you need to grow accostomed to messes and with messes come ruined items. The potentially ruined item provoking this entry is my cell phone. Only, the disappointing this here is that the cellphone, applejuice episode i'm referring to has zero to do with being a parent and everything to do with being a dummy.

Yesterday morning, i'm driving into work at 6 or something painfully early and i get a call on my phone. It's jeff needing to know where something or other is. when i'm done with the call, i go to put my phone back down on my console thingy in between my two front seats and i hear a slight splash. damn. this can't be good, right? correct. i look down and see my once clean phone, which is full of photos, texts i've kept, etc. seriously? damn.

so, of course i freak and while in traffic, attempt to forward my important photos and texts to jeffrey so i will have them once my phone implodes, which it inevitably will. Unfortunately, what i'm discovering is that with each passing moment another key is rendered useless in the applejuice flood of 2007. damn again. after about 10 minutes the only button that functions is the off key, so i use it.

i call verizon on my way in and the idiot laughs at me...who can truly blame him. in hindsight i suppose i could have simply told him that my phone got wet and it wasn't absolutely necessary to relate dipping my phone in juice, but who cares. i don't know this guy. he tells me to take my phone apart to let it dry for two days minimum. right. i'm going to be without my phone for over 48 hours?!? hardly. so, i give it four hours instead and put my phone back together. at this point, the bottom row of keys work...hooray, i was hoping to salvage that asterisk key-whew!! so, i turn it off again and try aboout six hours later. to my avail, all keys are working. slow and sticky but working.

so, in conclusion, my phone is restored, all photos and texts are safe and accounted for and all is right in my world again:)