Monday, March 31, 2008

It's the End of an Era

One of my best friend’s Dawn is getting married in a couple weeks, so the past month has been full of wedding to-dos. Shower planning, shower shopping, shower decorating, shower attending…this past weekend was the bachelorette party. Yikes. Is it sad that I’m 27 and often feel too old for things already. Yes, it’s sad. No reason to answer that…it’s called a hypothetical, thanks.

Anyway, we all went up to Prescott this past weekend to celebrate Dawn’s impending exit from singlehood. There’s a street called Whiskey Row that is lined with bars, restaurants, bars, shops, bars and a few bars. So, we drove up Saturday morning and went almost immediately to one of the bars. Then we went up to the rooms and got ready for the night ahead of us. The plan was to play Pub Golf-have you played this? It’s awesome. The point is to dress up in tacky golf clothes…plaid, argyle, knee socks, dumbass hats…you get it. So, you go out in these outfits and chaos ensues. A real round of Pub Golf includes 18 bars, but that’s just ridiculous so we will shoot for 9 bars. Each bar you go to has a different assigned drink. Each drink has an assigned par (# of sips). So, let’s say our first stop, Matt’s Pub, has Guiness as the drink and the par is 3. If I drink my Guiness in 5 drinks, I’m 2 over par and probably losing already. The other horrible part is that the drink list tends to go a little something like this…Stop 1: Guiness, Stop 2: Lemondrop Shot, Stop 3: Glass of Wine…it’s like I can hear my liver screaming in fear already!! So, this is a great game in theory. Unfortunately the stupid girl who shall remain nameless (Megan) forgot all the stuff and ruined everything. Too dramatic? Well, she did. So, we just went around all the bars in our golf clothes. Lame? Yes. She also wore a skirt too short for her and her ass hang out the whole night…Exhibit A:

You are welcome.

Anyway, since we’re just fun anyway, we had a blast just drinking and enjoying these little hole in the wall bars. Aren’t those the best bars anyway? They were all just so damn excited to have out-of-towners there-especially in the form of 15+ girls! Here are more pics of the night. The doll’s name is Rico-creepiest blow up doll ever. Absolutely.

And we don't know this lady, but she wanted her pic taken with Rico. Sure thing. Please note his socks.

A few more photos of the Pub Golfers...

And, the evening was clearly topped off by some random Prescott guy throwing his dirty underwear at Dawn. They landed on her head. I wish i had a photo, but i was busy peeing my pants laughing. Not so funny to Dawn.

All in all it was a blast. The ride home, not quite as fun as the ride there. Oh, good times.