Friday, April 22, 2011

Nearly Wordless Wednesday

cell phone photo dump!

love taps in the bathtub

we put them in the costco cart together and it was so flippin cute that it made my entire day!

NOT thrilled with being kept out of the room

Connor got a Build A Bear gift certificate from the Smith family for his birthday. We decided to go that night so he could use his card. He's not really into stuffed animals (at all) but he loves build a bear and it's such a fun thing to do together.

Here's Connor telling Jeff that he wanted the midnight teddy bear. Jeff really wanted him to get something else since he'd already made a bear another time. I insisted that Connor got to choose for himself...

Here he is...stuffing his MONKEY. We call him Connor Monkey so that's ok.

After the stuffing you brush and clean your new friend. Connor takes this party Very seriously

I can't believe I didn't take a picture of the finished product so I'll try and remember to do that another time. geez. Connor decided he wanted to run the 'puter (Computer) himself so we let him do it all. He was thrilled. He named his monkey Connor. This adds to the bear he named bear and the tiger he named hockey tiger I think.

So sleepy after a day of birthday party fun for Connor's friend Aidan. :)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Nearly Wordless Wednesday

Hello and happy Wednesday everyone. We recently cancelled our cable and for some reason we had to move our home office around so that we'd still have internet access...I don't get it so my reasoning is vague at best. Our desktop is currently, temporarily, in Noah's room. Yes, that's what I said. For that reason, photo uploading has slowed way down. I usually dump pictures off my camera every couple of days or after a big event or something. I just downloaded two weeks worth of pics so I'm still sorting it all out. It's so much work and I'm so lazy. For now, here are a couple pics from the Dbacks Home Opener 2011 and then a TON of cell phone pics. The boys have had a tradition since Connor was born to go to the Dbacks Home Opener game. Jef'f's dad attends and it's a big deal. NO GIRLS ALLOWED. I was thinking I'd take advantage and attend some happy hour invite that I'm always turning down...but no, i lamely stayed home and messed around online counting down until all my boys came home. lame.
Peas spread on crackers - delish? no.
I had to take a pic and post it because i'm horrible at bowling - even wii bowling. not this day friends.

crazy boys

Noah loves Connor

We went to the park and rode the train around a bit.

Enough with the camera lady.

practicing writing his name while we waited for Noah's ENT appointment. I swear if chalk dust didn't gross me out so much I'd cover their walls in it. Connor loves writing his letters and numbers.

showing off one of the twelve pictures Connor painted for Aidan when we were talking about Aidan's bday party coming up

I came home one afternoon to discover Noah's bouncer toy chillin on the sidewalk. Apparently, Jeff had washed it off (Noah eats in it often so it's disgusting) and left it up by our front door to dry. The thing's round so it rolls. hahahaha.

we weren't watching Noah for a minute at the party store and discovered he'd pulled everything off within reach. Here I'm taking photos rather than help with the mess.

enjoying the amazing weather over the last couple of months

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Noah's 1st Haircut

We planned on waiting until he was closer to one for Bear's first haircut but it just got really scruffy looking and we decided we needed to do it TODAY. The first four pics here are before pics so you can really see it hanging over his ears and getting dangerously close to heading into mullet-town.
I love this picture

Noah did really great for the majority of his haircut.

until he didn't.

sAlign Centertylin' and profilin'

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Nearly Wordless Wednesday & 10 month update

after lots and lots of attempts, I gave up on getting a nice pic of Noah and his owl.

hmmmm, what else can i get into now that i've managed to break into my big brother's room...

Noah's eating lots of real food now. Cheerios were his favorite for a while - until I gave him graham crackers. they are his crack, I swear. They are so incredibly messy and sometimes I make it way worse by spreading pureed veggies on top like a jam. So gross but he loves it.

doing lots better with the sippy cup now too. I think we're going to start having one or two of his bottles switch to sippy this week. yippee progress!

This is the first day he had chunks of banana and his reaction was way, way less than I thought. He loves to eat and banana is one of his favorite kinds of baby food. I think the sticky factor threw him off because he seemed much more interested in having it stick to his hand and flinging it on the floor than he was in actually eating it.

My friend Dawn gave us her daughter Stella's baby carseat to use. Bear is just so big that I gave up carrying him in the carseat when I pick him up from school. I found Connor sitting in it watching tv just like this. wacko.

It took three days of trying to get a good owl pic this month. Noah just isn't interested in sitting still. I sit him in the chair and he immediately busts loose and it's all I can do to keep him from falling.

he's really wanting to walk. zooming around the house with his walker is one of his favorite things to do right now. He stood by himself earlier this week. He was standing at the table holding and and just let go. He did it a few more times that night which means it's inevitable!

Honestly cannot believe that he'll be four in just a couple weeks. It seems impossible.

having a jam session i guess

bear belly