Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Nearly Wordless Wednesday

Hello and happy Wednesday everyone. We recently cancelled our cable and for some reason we had to move our home office around so that we'd still have internet access...I don't get it so my reasoning is vague at best. Our desktop is currently, temporarily, in Noah's room. Yes, that's what I said. For that reason, photo uploading has slowed way down. I usually dump pictures off my camera every couple of days or after a big event or something. I just downloaded two weeks worth of pics so I'm still sorting it all out. It's so much work and I'm so lazy. For now, here are a couple pics from the Dbacks Home Opener 2011 and then a TON of cell phone pics. The boys have had a tradition since Connor was born to go to the Dbacks Home Opener game. Jef'f's dad attends and it's a big deal. NO GIRLS ALLOWED. I was thinking I'd take advantage and attend some happy hour invite that I'm always turning down...but no, i lamely stayed home and messed around online counting down until all my boys came home. lame.
Peas spread on crackers - delish? no.
I had to take a pic and post it because i'm horrible at bowling - even wii bowling. not this day friends.

crazy boys

Noah loves Connor

We went to the park and rode the train around a bit.

Enough with the camera lady.

practicing writing his name while we waited for Noah's ENT appointment. I swear if chalk dust didn't gross me out so much I'd cover their walls in it. Connor loves writing his letters and numbers.

showing off one of the twelve pictures Connor painted for Aidan when we were talking about Aidan's bday party coming up

I came home one afternoon to discover Noah's bouncer toy chillin on the sidewalk. Apparently, Jeff had washed it off (Noah eats in it often so it's disgusting) and left it up by our front door to dry. The thing's round so it rolls. hahahaha.

we weren't watching Noah for a minute at the party store and discovered he'd pulled everything off within reach. Here I'm taking photos rather than help with the mess.

enjoying the amazing weather over the last couple of months

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