Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Week 31 Update

I officially have 58 days to go until Noah arrives. Wow. Just in case anyone was wondering why there's a discrepency between the ticker at the top of the blog and the creepy floating baby to the right, there is a reason. The one at the top is a countdown from my actual due date (june 1st) so that I could have something showing development of where he's actually at each week. Since I'm a scheduled delivery, if I went by that date all of his developmental milestones would be off a week or so. The creepy baby ticker on the right shows the number of days left until May 27th, d-day, delivery day. Now that I've written this all out, I'm guessing no one was wondering but that's ok.

I'm officially 31 weeks gestation today and that's pretty exciting. I haven't had any braxton hicks at all which is great, since I never had them with Connor and wouldn't know what they were if I felt them. My goal this time around is still to avoid feeling a single contraction so we'll see.

Noah is still consistently acitve and moves around all day long. At this point, he should be weighing in at 3.3 lbs and about 16 inches long. His weight would be like carrying 4 oranges in your arms. He's currently headed into a large growth spurt though and should be gaining lots of size over the next weeks. I can tell he's bigger. My belly is solid and Noah takes up a lot of room in there right now. It's funny, I feel like Connor would react to something I ate or drank after 20 minutes or so but I swear Noah starts moving around within moments of eating or drinking anything at all. Maybe this means that he'll eat more than Mickey chicken nuggets, hot dogs and mac and cheese when he is three. So, sleeping has become much more difficult in the past week. I'm up and down to the bathroom a few times a night as usual, but getting comfortable is next to impossible. Those pregnancy pillows are a waste as far as I'm concerned, so I didn't even bother this time around.

We made a wee bit of headway in Noah's room this weekend. We actually went in there which is a big step right now. We managed to get two bags of our junk out that were just being stored in there and take them into the garage...when they will actually make it over to Goodwill, well I just don't really know. His mattress is now in his crib and his sheet is on. Not huge steps, no. It's really odd seeing the mattress that high up in the crib, considering it's been dropped to the absolute lowest setting for over two and a half years now. Of course, this prompted Connor to want to get in the crib so I plopped him in there and he rolled around talking some gibberish about it being Noah's bed. Cute.

I love the first pic, true toddler in motion jumping in the crib. He even brought some of his fav animals into Noah's crib so that his brother could love them too. Ah, brothers.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Nearly Wordless Wednesday

We were shooting for a low key weekend this past weekend. On Friday afternoon, we had nothing but Connor's school Spring Carnival that evening and swim Saturday morning. Awesome. But...a coworker offered us two free tickets to the Renaissance Fair and we grabbed at them. Those tickets are $20 each so come on!

So, we headed out there (to BFE) on Sunday morning. It was the last day of the fair, so this was our last chance for turkey legs. About halfway out there I got a FB message from a couple friends saying that they didn't think the fair was open due to a fire there earlier that day. Super. I managed to get in touch with someone at the fair who said that there was in fact a fire, but they'd be opening for sure...only half an hour later than normal. Score for us since we left the house about 30 minutes later than we'd hoped. We'd still be there right as they were opening. If we'd driven all the way out there and it was closed I'd be so pissed...I was imagining that hilaroious scene in one of my fav movies Drop Dead Gorgeous when they get to the big pageant and it's gone bankrupt or whatever. Devastation party of one.

We looked all over for the damage when we were there and finally saw it at the end. I guess a kitchen caught fire and spread to a food vendor or something. Pretty bad damage, but no one was hurt and I guess it's good that it happened at the very end of the festival.

yes, i took a pic of the fire damage. and i wasn't the only one.

Connor loved the rubber band propelled boats, and we ended up getting him a wood choo choo train set.

I am pretty sure he thought these piggy banks were actual pigs. We'd just been to a petting zoo the night before and he snuck up on these banks really quiet and tried to pet them. Hilar.

Besides the carousel, I think this was his first real ride. He did great and loved it. Everytime he passed us, he smiled and said "Hi Mama, Hi Papa".

Family Shot - even Noah made it into this one...just look at my big belly!

Dada and Connor watching the acrobatics show. It was pretty amazing and had a bit of adult humor that was lost on the kiddos.

There are basically two reasons I want to go to the Renaissance Fair...to mock everyone who dresses up and for this turkey leg. Check, check.

so the entire time we were there he wanted so badly to ride on this swan/duck ride. we told him we'd do it on our way out...and then he fell asleep on our way to the exit. he was exhausted so we made the call to not wake him for the ride. Right before we left the fair, we bought him a cookie to soften the blow of not getting to ride the swan/duck thing. He woke up when he got in the car and after about 4 miles freaked out that he didn't get to ride the duck. I shoved the cookie at him and haven't heard about the duck since.
Parenting skills, we gots them

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Nearly Wordless Wednesday

I swore that this year, I'd calm down on the birthday planning obsession. Connor's first and second birthdays were planned within an inch of their lives and I'm left feeling totally drained and annoyed that I spent the entire time being an uber-planner and not just enjoying the celebration. When I suggested to my friend Katy that I was going to set up a photo station where I could take a picture of each of the kids who came to the party and make them little pretend drivers licenses, she reeled me in...as usual.

We decided to go a bit smaller scale this year and avoid the 60+ person invite list and to downscale the huge ramada we reserve every year. We've had a tough time, but invites went out this week so it's officially a smaller party. We let Connor choose his theme, so I made him Lightning McQueen invitiations and he loves them.

I still can't honestly wrap my head around the idea that he'll be 3 in less than a month. Just doesn't seem possible to me. Connor skipped right over the terrible twos for the most part and has never been big on tantrums...until this past month. OMG. He flails around, spits, screams and runs. Completely horrible. Made even more difficult by being 7 months pregnant and totally unable to run after him or strong arm him into doing what I tell him. I'm torn between being pissed off by his pure defiance and holding back my laughter watching him throw such a hissy. Mostly I'm pissed and embarrassed that I've suddenly become the parent to "that kid".

it's still amazing to me how much he changed from his first birthday to his second. I'm anxious to see these against the 3rd birthday photos!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Week 30 Update

Ahhh, relief! Yesterday's appointment went great. Our doctor said he was "pleasantly surprised" at the positive results and so were we. We had the ultrasound first and the tech was great. Don't get me wrong, good doctors are amazing, but it's the techs and nurses who really make or break a doctors visit...and a delivery for that matter! She knew it was our 2nd baby, and that it was our 5th ultrasound with Noah but she still took the time to point out things like his stomach, veins, blood flow, parts of the face, boy junk, etc. So appreciated!
Now, to the important stuff...it's rare to measure exactly the same as your gestation, but oddly enough yesterday at my appointment Noah was measuring right at 29 weeks, 6 days...as was my amnio fluid. Since today I'm exactly 30 weeks, yesterdays measurements were right on the money. Such great news that my amniotic fluid was right on...we could see him swallowing it and his kidneys looked great as well since those were the concerns. So, all is well in my belly and my due date is staying the same. My uterus is still measuring a bit bigger than 30 weeks externally but no one is concerned with that so I'm not either. Maybe I can finally be past all the complications and concerns of this pregnancy...the hyperemesis gravidarum, the stomach flus, the previa, the accreta and now the concern with amniotic levels. Am I having my tubes tied when they deliver Noah? Why yes I am. Two amazing boys is just perfect and pregnancy just doesn't love me so I think I'll call it a day!
The rest of the appointment went great. Noah's heartbeat was at 148 and my BP was perfect. We learned that Noah is already 3 pounds, which is exactly half the size Connor was when he was born and I still have 8-ish weeks left...looks like he'll surely be a bigger baby than his brother. Hard to guess just how big, but my guess right now is that he'll be right around 7 pounds. We didn't really have any other questions since the concern of the measurement discrepancy was gone but we learned that i'm now to the point where my appointments will be every two weeks. This is the point where it feels like you live at your drs office. After a few of these every two week appts, I'll bump to once a week appointments where they'll start to check my cervix for progress. I think they still do that even though i'm a scheduled section--no idea.
Here are a few of the pics from yesterdays appointment - Noah at 30 weeks! He still didn't really cooperate with the tech by keeping his hands up by his face and kicking wildly so it was tough to get good measurements at times but she managed. He's still really cramped in there and the placement of my placenta sometimes made it difficult to get good face pics.
here's a profile shot. he's laying on his back and his face in the middle-right of the photo

Noah's foot - seriously guessing these monsters are going to come out size 5 or something.

this is why i feel like i'm being beat up all day. feet on the left, arms punching in the middle, face on the right :) Those feet are huge!

love this 3D shot of his face

Brothers :)
I love that they are already so similar. Funny thing though...that's Noah's hand up to his face, but it's Connor's foot up in his face!
Otherwise, not too much new stuff going on. I'm really starting to need some help getting out of comfy chairs and up off the floor when i'm playing with Connor. I overdid it this weekend and pulled weeds for about 45 minutes and am still really sore. There are apparently still ab muscles under this baby belly and they are not pleased with me right now. I know I shouldn't be doing that much right now, but I took advantage of Jeffrey not being home to tell me otherwise! I'm at that point where sleeping is becoming increasingly more and more difficult so I'm pretty exhausted.
That's it for now. Thank you everyone for the positive thoughts yesterday...and throughout. We really appreciate it!

29 weeks, 6 days and a bit of anxiety...

So, 3 weeks ago when I wrote this I wasn't dreading todays appointment. Even two weeks ago, I was looking forward to my last (hopefully) ultrasound. But, since then I've talked to a few people way more educated on medicine than I am and now I'm a bit concerned. By a bit I should clarify and say that I'm nearing scared right now. A sedative could be helpful actually.

I think that when you're told that there's even a possibility of something being wrong or up with something health related, especially the health of your child, your internet access should immediately be taken away. Immediately. You shouldn't be allowed to google "too much amniotic fluid" or "polyhydramnios". Mind you...neither of these terms were told to me by my actual doctor, but a pediatrician/close friend mentioned that my uterus may be measuring so far ahead because I have excess amnio fluid and that maybe Noah isn't able to swallow and process it like he should be doing. My BFF, a labor & delivery nurse confirmed that she'd be concerned with the same thing and so now i'm nearly convinced that's what is going on. Crazy town. I haven't even talked to anyone about how concerned I am. Jeff kinda, but my concern immediately conveys into downright panic in him so I'm trying to play it cool for the sake of all involved.

My appointment is today at 2:30 and time just isn't really passing quickly enough. I'm really hoping that if he was having swallowing issues or even kidney issues it would have been seen in the super in-depth level two ultrasounds that were done at 18 and 24 weeks. They looked at each and every organ for so long the ultrasound became painful. That's what I'm concentrating on...that if something were wrong with his kidney function that they would have seen something during one of those long ultrasounds.

I think in the back of my head I keep thinking, everything will be fine. It's probably based on human error or even the subjectivity of measuring my uterus from the outside and comparing it to Noah's ultrasound measurement a few weeks earlier. That's what I keep trying to focus on, but then there's this nagging, horrible, negative thought in my head saying that something could be wrong and that I should take a moment to prepare myself for that. I'm really hoping that my doctor will be able to put our minds at ease immediately following the ultrasound today and that we won't have to wait until another appointment.

So that's my ranting for the day. I'm scared and time isn't going fast enough today. That's pretty much it. And I lost a contact in the shower this morning so i'm wearing my glasses which has thrown me off my A-game.

6 1/2 hours and counting...Thanks for listening :)

Friday, March 19, 2010

Flashback Friday

I just found this video on an old memory card last night and had to post it for Flashback Friday. When Connor and Aidan turned one, their teachers threw them a little birthday party. Cupcakes, presents, balloons, decorations, etc. It was adorable. I left my camera with them to take lots of pics, but never realized they took this video.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Nearly Wordless Wednesday

...except that it's Thursday. Long story short I bought a new camera in August. Last weekend it suddenly died. I hoped it was the battery, no such luck of course. It's now on its way back to Kodak to either fix or give us a brand new one...Let's all cross fingers on the brand new one shall we? So I haven't taken a single pic since this weekend which is odd for our family and I was worried that I lost the pics I had on there. When I realized I should just take the memory card out and my pics would be on there I was relieved. Dumb. Anyway, there are probably not going to be many pics until we get the camera back so these will have to hold us all over until then!

We went to Landon's 2nd birthday party this past weekend at Desert Breeze park which we love. Unfortunately, we only had the camera for the first part of the party so there's not a ton here :)

this pic cracks me up. doesn't it look like he's doing the hula?

Connor and Aidan

birthday boy Landon walking along the train tracks

Aidan, Kaci and Connor

The Bffs

Jeffrey and I having dinner to celebrate our 6 year wedding anniversary. In a really good way it seems like much longer that we've been together. We'll have our 11 year "dating anniversary" this summer :) Wow, i'm really pregnant in this pic BTW. Super.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Week 29 Update

I turned 29 this year and now I'm in my 29th week. Pretty great. After this week I'll be in my 30th week and since I won't be making it all the way to 40 weeks I just have a number of weeks left...72 days to be exact. Still holding out hope that he stays in here until that day. I have no idea why I keep having thoughts of him arriving early...I have zero reason to be concerned with that. I'm blaming too many pre-term babies being born on shows like Private Practice and Grey's Anatomy and other shows I obsess over. My bad.

This is the point in pregnancy where Noah starts growing exponentially. I sure feel it. My breathing is becoming a bit more difficult when I'm sitting or laying so I can tell that I'm getting bigger. I've still managed to avoid maternity pants because my pre-pregnancy pants are fitting big from being so sick...but they are feeling a wee bit tighter over the last week or so. Not sure how much longer that will last. I may turn to dresses and comfy skirts in the next couple of weeks. Right now, he's supposedly about 15" long and about 2.5 lbs...about the weight of a butternut squash. My belly is getting harder and I can tell where he's at in there nearly all the time. With Connor he was everywhere and moved so much that I couldn't really tell most of the time what was pressed up against my ribs. Noah is a bit more low key and seems to be so much lower than Connor was at times. I swear I feel like he's down hanging out in my pelvis most days. It's a discomfort I can't really explain, but it's doable. I'm funny to watch get in and out of cars and up and down from the couch, because it takes me a bit longer. Forget about getting up off the ground gracefully after reading a book with Connor, because those days are long gone.

He's having lots of brain growth right now and his skeleton is hardening daily. I'm going to up my calcium intake over the next few weeks for that reason...I've never been a great milk drinker so it's time to step it up! This is also the part of pregnancy where heartburn, constipation and hemorrhoids hit full force...fortunately I am only dealing with the first in that list. Knock on some freakin wood immediately, because no thank you.

That's it for us for right now--just looking forward to my (hopefully) last ultrasound on Monday. :)

Friday, March 12, 2010

Flashback Friday

Here are more Connor pics from 2 years ago - really love looking back at these photos. We're a sports family and likewise Connor has grown up sports obsessed...not sure if it's in the DNA or if it's just environmental, but he loves all things sports - always has. These are some pics of Connor at his first Spring Training game. Cubs of course. There are a ton of pics for what was probably a two hour outing! :)

I got Jeffrey this little onesie for his first Father's Day I think

loves it

spring training results in a LOT of sun for pasty little babies!

taking a little snack break

and maybe a snooze...

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Week 28 Update--I kept waiting for Sandra Bullock to show up...

holy crap i'm in my 3rd trimester as of today! that's just crazy. the end is near folks!! There are exactly 79 days until my delivery. woot woot.

I'm 28 weeks along today and that puts Noah at 2.25 lbs and about 14.8 inches long from head to toe. He's about the size of a large cabbage I guess. He can open and close his eyes and even has his eye lashes--hope they look like Connor's! He may even be able to see the light coming in through my belly which is pretty intense. In super duper fantastic news, my glucose screening came back good so no worries of gestational diabetes. I'm eating a cookie to celebrate.
He's still moving around quite a bit but it just seems different this time around. He moves a lot, but not nearly as much as Connor. Also, Noah moves around a lot lower-like in my pelvic area...where Connor was always kicking my ribs and other stuff up higher.

in other news, life is crazy as usual. i had a super duper late meeting last night for the Phoenix Panhellenic Association. They hold an annual meeting for all the Alumnae chapter Presidents to meet and brainstorm ideas that work for their group and get feedback on things that maybe aren't working so well. I almost bailed on the meeting when I learned that the invite had the wrong time and that the meeting actually started at 8pm. Am I old, seriously? Because I thought I was going to die when I heard that. Don't these people have jobs?? Or families?? geez. Ok, yeah I'm old. Fine. Anyway, I got home from the meeting around 9:45 to find water seeping out our garage door. Not good. I reluctantly opened the garage and saw water just spraying out of the hot water heater at an alarming rate. Panic. I made it inside without slipping and told Jeffrey, AKA the panicker. He ran outside and we got the water turned off to the house, the garage cleared out and discovered that the only fatality of the flood were some empty boxes and my bunco bag. sigh. All in all, we were really lucky. Lucky that I went to that stupid meeting so that I'd get home within 15 minutes of the water heater starting it's flood, lucky that we don't store a ton in the garage, and lucky that my dad was already planning on coming to our house today to watch connor so that he could also wait for the plumber to arrive. We're also super thankful that we have a home warranty so a brand new hot water heater will only put us out the $50 visit fee rather than hundreds of dollars. Also, so thankful that the water remained in the garage...my mom's hot water heater flooded a few years ago and it seeped into her house through several rooms by the time it was found...new paint, new carpet, new pad, new furniture...thousands of dollars worth of damage. So even though I'm exhausted (finally fell into bed around 11:30), dirty (no shower folks) and completely drained, I'm soooo thankful that the damage was pretty much non-existent and that it will be good as new when I get home.

I decided to schedule my haircut today at lunch so that I can at least have clean hair. Priorities people, priorities!

That's all from here. Hope you're having a great day!!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Flashback Friday

Karen had a great post today and i like the idea so much that i'm going to have to steal it! I'm not committing to doing it every Friday because let's face it...recently i've had a tough enough time with the posts I'm already doing! Life is crazy, what can I say?

Flashback Friday would be great to post pics of this week, but exactly three years ago...since Connor won't be three until April there's not much to post about. Hard to believe I know...but before Connor arrived I didn't take a million photos a day like I do now. So, I think I'll go two years back for now. then we'll bust out the itty bitty connor pics when Noah arrives...so we can see how similar/different they look. Anyway, so that's my plan!

Here are a few pics of Connor last March-ish. He was ten months old at that time. Clearly these pics are going to make me a weepy mess!

he still loves this rocket that papa bought him for his first Christmas.

oh i loved the ladies man shirt. we bought this before he was even born. you'll see that most of the pics of connor at this time have a shirt totally saturated with slobber! he started teething at 3 months and popped out his first tooth the day he turned 6 months...the intense slobber kept up for another year or so.

we bought this dog toy for a friend's puppy for xmas but connor found it under the tree first and made it his own.

i think i listened to that Plain White Tees shirt Delilah a few too many times while i was pregnant because Connor loooooooved it. one morning we were watching the Today show and the real Delilah came on. He scooted up to the tv and watched the whole thing from this angle.

poor baby. connor came down with RSV in february of 2008. we had to do breathing treatments every 4 hours round the clock for nearly a month. he hated wearing the mask and it was pure torture to hold on to his little body when he was getting a treatment. then we realized that if i sing Delilah while he gets the treatment, he calmed right down. i think that song will always hold a special place for us since it kinda got him through these weeks :)

Connor was a super physical baby boy. He was sitting completely on his own by 4 months, standing up while holding on to something at 6 months and he started walking while 10 months. He loved standing at all of his toys until he actually started taking steps.

more standing pics, just waiting for those first steps!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Nearly Wordless Wednesday

Well, I missed Nearly Wordless Wednesday by a day and I have just one pic today, but i think it's pretty cute :)

rockin his new chucks, riding his bike and showing off the little connor license plate my dad got him. i always hated not being able to find items with my name on it, or even just spelled right so i'm happy that most of the time Connor and Noah are easy to spot!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Week 27 Update - Update..

So I had my doctor's appointment yesterday and it was kinda evenful. I drank my magic glucose potion and that stuff has kinda come a long way since the last time I drank it which was three years ago. BTW, I can't believe that i'm nearly exactly 3 years from the time I was doing all of these things with Connor. Seems like that's too long but not really long enough all at the same time. Anyway, I digress. With connor, they handed me a styrofoam cup of the potion that they must have poured out of a large container somewhere back there. This time they opened a little mini-fridge and there were a bunch of packaged potion bottles for single-use. I found that kinda funny. The girl at the office didn't.

After I successfully drank my potion, I started my actual appointment and my BP was pretty good at 128/78. Then we listened to Noah a bit who clocked in at 138 for his heartbeat. I'm thinking that if they waited another 10 minutes it would have been increasingly higher due to the potion hitting his system. That stuff cracks them out like you can't even imagine. It makes mom tired and makes baby dance and kick for an hour. When my dr came in he measured my uterus which I don't think i've ever detailed on here. If you've been pregnant you know what I mean, but if not I'll try and explain. You lay on your back and the doctor manually measures where he feels the top and bottom of your uterus lies. He has some measuring tape that is marked by weeks to see how you align with the week you are in.

So apparently, even though I'm 27 weeks, my uterus is measuring at 31 weeks, which is a pretty substantial difference - a month! Plus, take into account that at last ultrasound, Noah was measuring a week behind that's a discrepency of more than 5 weeks between he and I. My doctor didn't seem overly concerned but admitted he was confused by the discrepency as well. He's chalking it up to the ultrasound tech possibly underestimating since Noah was so tiny at the time of my last ultrasound (24 weeks). He went ahead and scheduled me for an ultrasound in three weeks so that both my uterus and Noah can be measured at the same time. I'm trying to not be really concerned, but Jeffrey is panicked thinking about Noah arriving a month early. I don't really think that's a concern at this point. It's just such a strange thing to wrap our heads around since I've been told all along that my uterus is smaller than usual so now that I'm measuring a month larger it's confusing to us. We'll see. If he were to really arrive 5 weeks early that would mean roughly a April 22nd arrival and that's just not doable!! I'm sure that's not even going to be an issue, but I'm anxious for this ultrasound to try and clear it all up!

That was really all there was to the appointment yesterday. Thanks for checking in on us!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Week 27 Update

Being sick when pregnant is horrible. why? because you can't take nyquil. I love me some nyquil, but it's on my "no way jose" medication list. I hate that damn list. It limits me to tylenol products which do nothing when you've been an aleve/advil girl for so long. Anyway, this monstrous cold came on Friday with a nagging cough that was hurting in my chest and back. I hate when I'm not feeling well on a Friday, but I don't go to the doctor and it gets worse over the weekend...then your only outlet is gross, stinky urgent care. I hate urgent care-it's like the walmart of medical facilities. So, I got a quick, last minute appointment at my OB office and got a quick check up. Viral, which of course means no antibiotics. I like antibiotics.

So, of course over the weekend it got so, so much worse. I think I averaged a couple of hours of sleep each night and by Monday I was dying. I decided to go into the office for a few hours, bundle up some work I could do at home and get outta there. I am so glad that I work in a small-ish office because I was looking rough yesterday. No makeup, hair pulled back in a bun for lack of flat-iron time and an overall inability to even care that I looked/sounded disgusting with all of my snorting, hacking, etc. Hey, they are lucky I was showered to be honest. I had a meeting at 9am and the threat of jury duty the next day were the only real reasons I went into the office at all. I am honestly the reason colds/flus travel through the workplace. I never stay home when I'm sick, never. Is this a generational thing? Most of my friends who are professionals are the same way...we all show up at work dragging ass sick.

Anyway, luckily I was cancelled from jury duty yesterday afternoon and they approved my excuse. Such a relief. I'm feeling a bit better today and may even take a few minutes this morning and put some makeup on. Big step. I'm back in the office and desperately craving a diet coke. Unfortunately, I have my gestational diabetes glucose tolerance testing today after work so I'm avoiding the craving and sticking to tea and water today. Since the vending machine lady removed the diet coke, I don't drink much at all and I'm a good water drinker so I just have to be extra careful today so I avoid a false-positive result this afternoon.

I'm really not worried about the glucose test, but the long appointment is not something I'm looking forward to. When I arrive, I will be given the magic uber-sugary solution to drink and you must finish it in five minutes. Since I went to college, I'm pretty amazing at taking shots and I'll have that bad boy down in under five seconds. Done and done friends. Then I'll have my normal appointment with my doctor and exactly an hour after I finish the drink, I will have my blood taken and the test will be performed. I don't think I get results immediately, but I honestly can't remember from when I was pregnant with Connor.

I think that at this appointment, we'll schedule my third trimester ultrasound as well. Looking forward to that, as I love seeing Noah in the ultrasounds. Connor as a baby was so much like Connor in utero so I like seeing what traits they have at this point. Some things I've learned about Noah so far is that he's stubborn and kinda ornery like his brother. He doesn't cooperate when we need him to and he kicks the crap out of me if my bladder gets in his way. Not great. He loves life savers and if I haven't felt him in a little bit, I pop a couple of those babies and he's dancing. It's not all candy, just life savers so far that have that much of an immediate effect on him.

At 27 weeks, Noah should be around 2 pounds and about 14 1/2 inches long. His size has more than doubled in the last few months which is nutty. I read that he's about the weight of a cauliflower and the size of a roast. I really can't believe he's that big though. Still way too early for Noah to arrive, it's said that babies arriving at 27 weeks have an 85% survival rate so we'll just keep him in there for a bit longer. Technically, 86 days until his arrival so the countdown is really underway now.