Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Week 27 Update

Being sick when pregnant is horrible. why? because you can't take nyquil. I love me some nyquil, but it's on my "no way jose" medication list. I hate that damn list. It limits me to tylenol products which do nothing when you've been an aleve/advil girl for so long. Anyway, this monstrous cold came on Friday with a nagging cough that was hurting in my chest and back. I hate when I'm not feeling well on a Friday, but I don't go to the doctor and it gets worse over the weekend...then your only outlet is gross, stinky urgent care. I hate urgent care-it's like the walmart of medical facilities. So, I got a quick, last minute appointment at my OB office and got a quick check up. Viral, which of course means no antibiotics. I like antibiotics.

So, of course over the weekend it got so, so much worse. I think I averaged a couple of hours of sleep each night and by Monday I was dying. I decided to go into the office for a few hours, bundle up some work I could do at home and get outta there. I am so glad that I work in a small-ish office because I was looking rough yesterday. No makeup, hair pulled back in a bun for lack of flat-iron time and an overall inability to even care that I looked/sounded disgusting with all of my snorting, hacking, etc. Hey, they are lucky I was showered to be honest. I had a meeting at 9am and the threat of jury duty the next day were the only real reasons I went into the office at all. I am honestly the reason colds/flus travel through the workplace. I never stay home when I'm sick, never. Is this a generational thing? Most of my friends who are professionals are the same way...we all show up at work dragging ass sick.

Anyway, luckily I was cancelled from jury duty yesterday afternoon and they approved my excuse. Such a relief. I'm feeling a bit better today and may even take a few minutes this morning and put some makeup on. Big step. I'm back in the office and desperately craving a diet coke. Unfortunately, I have my gestational diabetes glucose tolerance testing today after work so I'm avoiding the craving and sticking to tea and water today. Since the vending machine lady removed the diet coke, I don't drink much at all and I'm a good water drinker so I just have to be extra careful today so I avoid a false-positive result this afternoon.

I'm really not worried about the glucose test, but the long appointment is not something I'm looking forward to. When I arrive, I will be given the magic uber-sugary solution to drink and you must finish it in five minutes. Since I went to college, I'm pretty amazing at taking shots and I'll have that bad boy down in under five seconds. Done and done friends. Then I'll have my normal appointment with my doctor and exactly an hour after I finish the drink, I will have my blood taken and the test will be performed. I don't think I get results immediately, but I honestly can't remember from when I was pregnant with Connor.

I think that at this appointment, we'll schedule my third trimester ultrasound as well. Looking forward to that, as I love seeing Noah in the ultrasounds. Connor as a baby was so much like Connor in utero so I like seeing what traits they have at this point. Some things I've learned about Noah so far is that he's stubborn and kinda ornery like his brother. He doesn't cooperate when we need him to and he kicks the crap out of me if my bladder gets in his way. Not great. He loves life savers and if I haven't felt him in a little bit, I pop a couple of those babies and he's dancing. It's not all candy, just life savers so far that have that much of an immediate effect on him.

At 27 weeks, Noah should be around 2 pounds and about 14 1/2 inches long. His size has more than doubled in the last few months which is nutty. I read that he's about the weight of a cauliflower and the size of a roast. I really can't believe he's that big though. Still way too early for Noah to arrive, it's said that babies arriving at 27 weeks have an 85% survival rate so we'll just keep him in there for a bit longer. Technically, 86 days until his arrival so the countdown is really underway now.


Katy said...

Size of a roast.. geez these foods are so random. Not that a roast is random, but well... it's a total old person food. Who makes roasts? Go use some salve while you're at it, then go to the commode near the davenport.

Katy said...

PS- Hope you're feeling better!