Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Week 29 Update

I turned 29 this year and now I'm in my 29th week. Pretty great. After this week I'll be in my 30th week and since I won't be making it all the way to 40 weeks I just have a number of weeks left...72 days to be exact. Still holding out hope that he stays in here until that day. I have no idea why I keep having thoughts of him arriving early...I have zero reason to be concerned with that. I'm blaming too many pre-term babies being born on shows like Private Practice and Grey's Anatomy and other shows I obsess over. My bad.

This is the point in pregnancy where Noah starts growing exponentially. I sure feel it. My breathing is becoming a bit more difficult when I'm sitting or laying so I can tell that I'm getting bigger. I've still managed to avoid maternity pants because my pre-pregnancy pants are fitting big from being so sick...but they are feeling a wee bit tighter over the last week or so. Not sure how much longer that will last. I may turn to dresses and comfy skirts in the next couple of weeks. Right now, he's supposedly about 15" long and about 2.5 lbs...about the weight of a butternut squash. My belly is getting harder and I can tell where he's at in there nearly all the time. With Connor he was everywhere and moved so much that I couldn't really tell most of the time what was pressed up against my ribs. Noah is a bit more low key and seems to be so much lower than Connor was at times. I swear I feel like he's down hanging out in my pelvis most days. It's a discomfort I can't really explain, but it's doable. I'm funny to watch get in and out of cars and up and down from the couch, because it takes me a bit longer. Forget about getting up off the ground gracefully after reading a book with Connor, because those days are long gone.

He's having lots of brain growth right now and his skeleton is hardening daily. I'm going to up my calcium intake over the next few weeks for that reason...I've never been a great milk drinker so it's time to step it up! This is also the part of pregnancy where heartburn, constipation and hemorrhoids hit full force...fortunately I am only dealing with the first in that list. Knock on some freakin wood immediately, because no thank you.

That's it for us for right now--just looking forward to my (hopefully) last ultrasound on Monday. :)

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Katy said...

When and if you get hemroids, you should definitely blog post about that STAT, hahaha :)