Friday, March 5, 2010

Flashback Friday

Karen had a great post today and i like the idea so much that i'm going to have to steal it! I'm not committing to doing it every Friday because let's face it...recently i've had a tough enough time with the posts I'm already doing! Life is crazy, what can I say?

Flashback Friday would be great to post pics of this week, but exactly three years ago...since Connor won't be three until April there's not much to post about. Hard to believe I know...but before Connor arrived I didn't take a million photos a day like I do now. So, I think I'll go two years back for now. then we'll bust out the itty bitty connor pics when Noah we can see how similar/different they look. Anyway, so that's my plan!

Here are a few pics of Connor last March-ish. He was ten months old at that time. Clearly these pics are going to make me a weepy mess!

he still loves this rocket that papa bought him for his first Christmas.

oh i loved the ladies man shirt. we bought this before he was even born. you'll see that most of the pics of connor at this time have a shirt totally saturated with slobber! he started teething at 3 months and popped out his first tooth the day he turned 6 months...the intense slobber kept up for another year or so.

we bought this dog toy for a friend's puppy for xmas but connor found it under the tree first and made it his own.

i think i listened to that Plain White Tees shirt Delilah a few too many times while i was pregnant because Connor loooooooved it. one morning we were watching the Today show and the real Delilah came on. He scooted up to the tv and watched the whole thing from this angle.

poor baby. connor came down with RSV in february of 2008. we had to do breathing treatments every 4 hours round the clock for nearly a month. he hated wearing the mask and it was pure torture to hold on to his little body when he was getting a treatment. then we realized that if i sing Delilah while he gets the treatment, he calmed right down. i think that song will always hold a special place for us since it kinda got him through these weeks :)

Connor was a super physical baby boy. He was sitting completely on his own by 4 months, standing up while holding on to something at 6 months and he started walking while 10 months. He loved standing at all of his toys until he actually started taking steps.

more standing pics, just waiting for those first steps!


Karen said...

OMG!!! He is so cute!! I just love reminiscing, makes me a little sad though...they're so big now!

Carly said...

Ummm...aren't those pics from 2 years ago!

Lindsay said...

um...carly what are you talking the post silly!! :)