Monday, March 29, 2010

Nearly Wordless Wednesday

We were shooting for a low key weekend this past weekend. On Friday afternoon, we had nothing but Connor's school Spring Carnival that evening and swim Saturday morning. Awesome. But...a coworker offered us two free tickets to the Renaissance Fair and we grabbed at them. Those tickets are $20 each so come on!

So, we headed out there (to BFE) on Sunday morning. It was the last day of the fair, so this was our last chance for turkey legs. About halfway out there I got a FB message from a couple friends saying that they didn't think the fair was open due to a fire there earlier that day. Super. I managed to get in touch with someone at the fair who said that there was in fact a fire, but they'd be opening for sure...only half an hour later than normal. Score for us since we left the house about 30 minutes later than we'd hoped. We'd still be there right as they were opening. If we'd driven all the way out there and it was closed I'd be so pissed...I was imagining that hilaroious scene in one of my fav movies Drop Dead Gorgeous when they get to the big pageant and it's gone bankrupt or whatever. Devastation party of one.

We looked all over for the damage when we were there and finally saw it at the end. I guess a kitchen caught fire and spread to a food vendor or something. Pretty bad damage, but no one was hurt and I guess it's good that it happened at the very end of the festival.

yes, i took a pic of the fire damage. and i wasn't the only one.

Connor loved the rubber band propelled boats, and we ended up getting him a wood choo choo train set.

I am pretty sure he thought these piggy banks were actual pigs. We'd just been to a petting zoo the night before and he snuck up on these banks really quiet and tried to pet them. Hilar.

Besides the carousel, I think this was his first real ride. He did great and loved it. Everytime he passed us, he smiled and said "Hi Mama, Hi Papa".

Family Shot - even Noah made it into this one...just look at my big belly!

Dada and Connor watching the acrobatics show. It was pretty amazing and had a bit of adult humor that was lost on the kiddos.

There are basically two reasons I want to go to the Renaissance mock everyone who dresses up and for this turkey leg. Check, check.

so the entire time we were there he wanted so badly to ride on this swan/duck ride. we told him we'd do it on our way out...and then he fell asleep on our way to the exit. he was exhausted so we made the call to not wake him for the ride. Right before we left the fair, we bought him a cookie to soften the blow of not getting to ride the swan/duck thing. He woke up when he got in the car and after about 4 miles freaked out that he didn't get to ride the duck. I shoved the cookie at him and haven't heard about the duck since.
Parenting skills, we gots them


Katy said...

hahahahahah-Parenting skillz, we gots them.

Only a TRUE cheeseburger fan will get that! I love the face he's making on that butterfly ride. It's like his class picture.

Lindsay said...

YES! i put that there for you and erin for sure :) I said it to jeff when we bought the cookie and he had no idea what i was talking about. oh lolcats, love.

we call it his chucky face. creeper.

Aimee said...

I love that you mock the people who dress up at the renaissance festival...I also think it's hilarious that Sara and TC went out there a few weekends ago and dressed up. Make sure you send her a text message reminding her how dorky she is :)