Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Nearly Wordless Wednesday

I swore that this year, I'd calm down on the birthday planning obsession. Connor's first and second birthdays were planned within an inch of their lives and I'm left feeling totally drained and annoyed that I spent the entire time being an uber-planner and not just enjoying the celebration. When I suggested to my friend Katy that I was going to set up a photo station where I could take a picture of each of the kids who came to the party and make them little pretend drivers licenses, she reeled me usual.

We decided to go a bit smaller scale this year and avoid the 60+ person invite list and to downscale the huge ramada we reserve every year. We've had a tough time, but invites went out this week so it's officially a smaller party. We let Connor choose his theme, so I made him Lightning McQueen invitiations and he loves them.

I still can't honestly wrap my head around the idea that he'll be 3 in less than a month. Just doesn't seem possible to me. Connor skipped right over the terrible twos for the most part and has never been big on tantrums...until this past month. OMG. He flails around, spits, screams and runs. Completely horrible. Made even more difficult by being 7 months pregnant and totally unable to run after him or strong arm him into doing what I tell him. I'm torn between being pissed off by his pure defiance and holding back my laughter watching him throw such a hissy. Mostly I'm pissed and embarrassed that I've suddenly become the parent to "that kid".

it's still amazing to me how much he changed from his first birthday to his second. I'm anxious to see these against the 3rd birthday photos!


Lori said...

My nephew was actually the same way. Perfect - the terrible twos were no where. But he's 4 now and hello! Khloe has started them at 18 months, it's much easier when they're smaller! Khloe's best one yet was this morning she did not want to get up and crawled under the ironing board, laid there crying her eyes out, holding on to the legs of the board!

Katy said...

I can see it now. Everyone having fun playing and you in the corner sweating over the laminating machine making the licenses. Birthday Party FAIL.

The Neerings Family said...

Did I not tell you that whoever made up the term "Terrible 2's" was's the 3's. Trust me, pretty much everyone I know agrees. And then some people say it's the 4's. So, I guess it gets worse every year? least there are so many good moments to balance the tough times out!