Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Week 31 Update

I officially have 58 days to go until Noah arrives. Wow. Just in case anyone was wondering why there's a discrepency between the ticker at the top of the blog and the creepy floating baby to the right, there is a reason. The one at the top is a countdown from my actual due date (june 1st) so that I could have something showing development of where he's actually at each week. Since I'm a scheduled delivery, if I went by that date all of his developmental milestones would be off a week or so. The creepy baby ticker on the right shows the number of days left until May 27th, d-day, delivery day. Now that I've written this all out, I'm guessing no one was wondering but that's ok.

I'm officially 31 weeks gestation today and that's pretty exciting. I haven't had any braxton hicks at all which is great, since I never had them with Connor and wouldn't know what they were if I felt them. My goal this time around is still to avoid feeling a single contraction so we'll see.

Noah is still consistently acitve and moves around all day long. At this point, he should be weighing in at 3.3 lbs and about 16 inches long. His weight would be like carrying 4 oranges in your arms. He's currently headed into a large growth spurt though and should be gaining lots of size over the next weeks. I can tell he's bigger. My belly is solid and Noah takes up a lot of room in there right now. It's funny, I feel like Connor would react to something I ate or drank after 20 minutes or so but I swear Noah starts moving around within moments of eating or drinking anything at all. Maybe this means that he'll eat more than Mickey chicken nuggets, hot dogs and mac and cheese when he is three. So, sleeping has become much more difficult in the past week. I'm up and down to the bathroom a few times a night as usual, but getting comfortable is next to impossible. Those pregnancy pillows are a waste as far as I'm concerned, so I didn't even bother this time around.

We made a wee bit of headway in Noah's room this weekend. We actually went in there which is a big step right now. We managed to get two bags of our junk out that were just being stored in there and take them into the garage...when they will actually make it over to Goodwill, well I just don't really know. His mattress is now in his crib and his sheet is on. Not huge steps, no. It's really odd seeing the mattress that high up in the crib, considering it's been dropped to the absolute lowest setting for over two and a half years now. Of course, this prompted Connor to want to get in the crib so I plopped him in there and he rolled around talking some gibberish about it being Noah's bed. Cute.

I love the first pic, true toddler in motion jumping in the crib. He even brought some of his fav animals into Noah's crib so that his brother could love them too. Ah, brothers.

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