Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Week 27 Update - Update..

So I had my doctor's appointment yesterday and it was kinda evenful. I drank my magic glucose potion and that stuff has kinda come a long way since the last time I drank it which was three years ago. BTW, I can't believe that i'm nearly exactly 3 years from the time I was doing all of these things with Connor. Seems like that's too long but not really long enough all at the same time. Anyway, I digress. With connor, they handed me a styrofoam cup of the potion that they must have poured out of a large container somewhere back there. This time they opened a little mini-fridge and there were a bunch of packaged potion bottles for single-use. I found that kinda funny. The girl at the office didn't.

After I successfully drank my potion, I started my actual appointment and my BP was pretty good at 128/78. Then we listened to Noah a bit who clocked in at 138 for his heartbeat. I'm thinking that if they waited another 10 minutes it would have been increasingly higher due to the potion hitting his system. That stuff cracks them out like you can't even imagine. It makes mom tired and makes baby dance and kick for an hour. When my dr came in he measured my uterus which I don't think i've ever detailed on here. If you've been pregnant you know what I mean, but if not I'll try and explain. You lay on your back and the doctor manually measures where he feels the top and bottom of your uterus lies. He has some measuring tape that is marked by weeks to see how you align with the week you are in.

So apparently, even though I'm 27 weeks, my uterus is measuring at 31 weeks, which is a pretty substantial difference - a month! Plus, take into account that at last ultrasound, Noah was measuring a week behind that's a discrepency of more than 5 weeks between he and I. My doctor didn't seem overly concerned but admitted he was confused by the discrepency as well. He's chalking it up to the ultrasound tech possibly underestimating since Noah was so tiny at the time of my last ultrasound (24 weeks). He went ahead and scheduled me for an ultrasound in three weeks so that both my uterus and Noah can be measured at the same time. I'm trying to not be really concerned, but Jeffrey is panicked thinking about Noah arriving a month early. I don't really think that's a concern at this point. It's just such a strange thing to wrap our heads around since I've been told all along that my uterus is smaller than usual so now that I'm measuring a month larger it's confusing to us. We'll see. If he were to really arrive 5 weeks early that would mean roughly a April 22nd arrival and that's just not doable!! I'm sure that's not even going to be an issue, but I'm anxious for this ultrasound to try and clear it all up!

That was really all there was to the appointment yesterday. Thanks for checking in on us!


Jeni Lyn said...

how fun! You know... that 4D ultrasounds look the best at 30 weeks! You should have them do that - if you like those sort of things, sometimes it is a little too creapy.

p.s. I hope you don't mind that I am totally keeping up on your life and pregnancy from a far. Maybe someday we should actually re-meet or something. Afterall, we did go to like 10 years of school together.

Jeni Lyn said...

fyi - I am aware that creepy is not spelled like that - jeez! Comments need spell check.

Karen said...

Wow! If Noah decided to come early that's like next month! I'll keep my fingers crossed that he keeps baking in there til his due date.