Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Week 28 Update--I kept waiting for Sandra Bullock to show up...

holy crap i'm in my 3rd trimester as of today! that's just crazy. the end is near folks!! There are exactly 79 days until my delivery. woot woot.

I'm 28 weeks along today and that puts Noah at 2.25 lbs and about 14.8 inches long from head to toe. He's about the size of a large cabbage I guess. He can open and close his eyes and even has his eye lashes--hope they look like Connor's! He may even be able to see the light coming in through my belly which is pretty intense. In super duper fantastic news, my glucose screening came back good so no worries of gestational diabetes. I'm eating a cookie to celebrate.
He's still moving around quite a bit but it just seems different this time around. He moves a lot, but not nearly as much as Connor. Also, Noah moves around a lot lower-like in my pelvic area...where Connor was always kicking my ribs and other stuff up higher.

in other news, life is crazy as usual. i had a super duper late meeting last night for the Phoenix Panhellenic Association. They hold an annual meeting for all the Alumnae chapter Presidents to meet and brainstorm ideas that work for their group and get feedback on things that maybe aren't working so well. I almost bailed on the meeting when I learned that the invite had the wrong time and that the meeting actually started at 8pm. Am I old, seriously? Because I thought I was going to die when I heard that. Don't these people have jobs?? Or families?? geez. Ok, yeah I'm old. Fine. Anyway, I got home from the meeting around 9:45 to find water seeping out our garage door. Not good. I reluctantly opened the garage and saw water just spraying out of the hot water heater at an alarming rate. Panic. I made it inside without slipping and told Jeffrey, AKA the panicker. He ran outside and we got the water turned off to the house, the garage cleared out and discovered that the only fatality of the flood were some empty boxes and my bunco bag. sigh. All in all, we were really lucky. Lucky that I went to that stupid meeting so that I'd get home within 15 minutes of the water heater starting it's flood, lucky that we don't store a ton in the garage, and lucky that my dad was already planning on coming to our house today to watch connor so that he could also wait for the plumber to arrive. We're also super thankful that we have a home warranty so a brand new hot water heater will only put us out the $50 visit fee rather than hundreds of dollars. Also, so thankful that the water remained in the garage...my mom's hot water heater flooded a few years ago and it seeped into her house through several rooms by the time it was found...new paint, new carpet, new pad, new furniture...thousands of dollars worth of damage. So even though I'm exhausted (finally fell into bed around 11:30), dirty (no shower folks) and completely drained, I'm soooo thankful that the damage was pretty much non-existent and that it will be good as new when I get home.

I decided to schedule my haircut today at lunch so that I can at least have clean hair. Priorities people, priorities!

That's all from here. Hope you're having a great day!!


Jill said...

Wow! What a Monday! Glad you survived with minimal damage, those water heaters can be bad news!

Katy said...

wow, what a monday is right! I'm glad everything is ok.