Monday, March 22, 2010

Week 30 Update

Ahhh, relief! Yesterday's appointment went great. Our doctor said he was "pleasantly surprised" at the positive results and so were we. We had the ultrasound first and the tech was great. Don't get me wrong, good doctors are amazing, but it's the techs and nurses who really make or break a doctors visit...and a delivery for that matter! She knew it was our 2nd baby, and that it was our 5th ultrasound with Noah but she still took the time to point out things like his stomach, veins, blood flow, parts of the face, boy junk, etc. So appreciated!
Now, to the important's rare to measure exactly the same as your gestation, but oddly enough yesterday at my appointment Noah was measuring right at 29 weeks, 6 was my amnio fluid. Since today I'm exactly 30 weeks, yesterdays measurements were right on the money. Such great news that my amniotic fluid was right on...we could see him swallowing it and his kidneys looked great as well since those were the concerns. So, all is well in my belly and my due date is staying the same. My uterus is still measuring a bit bigger than 30 weeks externally but no one is concerned with that so I'm not either. Maybe I can finally be past all the complications and concerns of this pregnancy...the hyperemesis gravidarum, the stomach flus, the previa, the accreta and now the concern with amniotic levels. Am I having my tubes tied when they deliver Noah? Why yes I am. Two amazing boys is just perfect and pregnancy just doesn't love me so I think I'll call it a day!
The rest of the appointment went great. Noah's heartbeat was at 148 and my BP was perfect. We learned that Noah is already 3 pounds, which is exactly half the size Connor was when he was born and I still have 8-ish weeks left...looks like he'll surely be a bigger baby than his brother. Hard to guess just how big, but my guess right now is that he'll be right around 7 pounds. We didn't really have any other questions since the concern of the measurement discrepancy was gone but we learned that i'm now to the point where my appointments will be every two weeks. This is the point where it feels like you live at your drs office. After a few of these every two week appts, I'll bump to once a week appointments where they'll start to check my cervix for progress. I think they still do that even though i'm a scheduled section--no idea.
Here are a few of the pics from yesterdays appointment - Noah at 30 weeks! He still didn't really cooperate with the tech by keeping his hands up by his face and kicking wildly so it was tough to get good measurements at times but she managed. He's still really cramped in there and the placement of my placenta sometimes made it difficult to get good face pics.
here's a profile shot. he's laying on his back and his face in the middle-right of the photo

Noah's foot - seriously guessing these monsters are going to come out size 5 or something.

this is why i feel like i'm being beat up all day. feet on the left, arms punching in the middle, face on the right :) Those feet are huge!

love this 3D shot of his face

Brothers :)
I love that they are already so similar. Funny thing though...that's Noah's hand up to his face, but it's Connor's foot up in his face!
Otherwise, not too much new stuff going on. I'm really starting to need some help getting out of comfy chairs and up off the floor when i'm playing with Connor. I overdid it this weekend and pulled weeds for about 45 minutes and am still really sore. There are apparently still ab muscles under this baby belly and they are not pleased with me right now. I know I shouldn't be doing that much right now, but I took advantage of Jeffrey not being home to tell me otherwise! I'm at that point where sleeping is becoming increasingly more and more difficult so I'm pretty exhausted.
That's it for now. Thank you everyone for the positive thoughts yesterday...and throughout. We really appreciate it!


Katy said...

I love the 3d face pictures!

Karen said...

Hooray for a good dr visit!! Love the 3D comparison. :)

The Neerings Family said...

I have heard that you don't have to get internal exams if you are a scheduled C-section...but I am sure it varies among doctors. I even know one mom who has had vaginal births with her 2 kids and now that she is preggo with her 3rd she said she is refusing them. So, I guess you could do that if you were really not wanting them.

Liv said...

I am so excited for you and happy to hear that all is well. Hope you get some much needed rest!