Friday, April 22, 2011

Nearly Wordless Wednesday

cell phone photo dump!

love taps in the bathtub

we put them in the costco cart together and it was so flippin cute that it made my entire day!

NOT thrilled with being kept out of the room

Connor got a Build A Bear gift certificate from the Smith family for his birthday. We decided to go that night so he could use his card. He's not really into stuffed animals (at all) but he loves build a bear and it's such a fun thing to do together.

Here's Connor telling Jeff that he wanted the midnight teddy bear. Jeff really wanted him to get something else since he'd already made a bear another time. I insisted that Connor got to choose for himself...

Here he is...stuffing his MONKEY. We call him Connor Monkey so that's ok.

After the stuffing you brush and clean your new friend. Connor takes this party Very seriously

I can't believe I didn't take a picture of the finished product so I'll try and remember to do that another time. geez. Connor decided he wanted to run the 'puter (Computer) himself so we let him do it all. He was thrilled. He named his monkey Connor. This adds to the bear he named bear and the tiger he named hockey tiger I think.

So sleepy after a day of birthday party fun for Connor's friend Aidan. :)

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Katy said...

Monkey, named Connor, Bear named:Bear. The kid calls it like it is!