Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Connor's 4th Birthday Party - Part One

holy blog slacking I behind on my posts. Life is busy folks, really busy and with no signs of slowing down I'm going to stop making promises of being better :) I will try, but no promises.

Connor turned 4 on April 18th and it's unbelievable that my itty bitty baby could be this adorable, strong, smart kid. He's opinionated and totally independent and really always has been so that shouldn't surprise me...but it still kinda does. Like we did the past three years, we had a party at the park to celebrate. We have lots & lots of family and Connor is now at the age where we start inviting his friends instead of ours.

This year, Connor said that he wanted a Toy Story 3 party - not just a Toy Story party, but a Toy Story 3 party. We obliged, mostly because it's so popular right now that planning wouldn't be too tough. Plus, we kept it simple this year and didn't go nutso on theming it up...It was a good time and we really appreciate those who were able to make it out to celebrate Connor's special day. Thank you, thank you!

Noah had a blast, obviously.

Papa & Tashi were there too!

having fun at the coloring station

Connor & Grammy Van Hook

Connor's AMAZING cake - it was really yummy too!

Connor & Aidan enjoying the potato sack races

Madison, Kaci & Noah Bear

Cadence, Jacob & Brody

Levi, Kaitlyn & Samantha

Up Next...More pictures of the birthday boy!

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Krista said...

So fun! Can you plan my next birthday party? I LOVE that cake. Awesome!