Monday, May 16, 2011

Help us win please!

allow my begging to commence...

This picture of the boys was taken by a local photographer, Nissle Fine Photography and is a finalist for a really fun contest for Father's Day. The company asked entrants to dress the kids up and bring props that went along with their theme "My dad is..." so I suited them up in their jerseys! Jeff is an Accountant for the Arizona Diamondbacks so we had lots of fun with it. I brought my laptop and an old adding machine. I brought a roll of receipt tape and flung it all around and then dropped some fake money I printed all over. I think it turned out pretty cute and had a difficult time selecting the photo for the contest becaue I really thought that lots were great. This is a surprise to Jeffrey so I told him to stay off facebook until the contest ends on 5/31. We'll see if it stays a surprise - I'm honestly amazed that Connor hasn't told him about the photo shoot yet!!

So, here's where I could use help...please vote for us. That's it. Well, after you vote, help spread the word to your friends so they can vote for us. Here are the simple steps:

I really, really appreciate it!!!


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aimee beth said...

done and done.

good luck, your boys are freakin adorable!