Sunday, May 22, 2011

11 Months Old

I completely forgot to mention in his 10 month update that Noah took his first step on April 23rd. He walked in his 10th month just like Connor - actually almost to the day the same as Connor. The big difference here is that after Connor took his first step, he never stopped walking/running. Bear took two steps and then did nothing for the next couple weeks. I thought that having an older brother would have Noah walking super early but I think I had it wrong. Yes, he wants to tag along and keep up with Connor but he's realized he can do it way, way quicker by just crawling after him really fast!

Something hilarious about Noah that I'm not sure I've mentioned is how he crawls - he rarely puts his knees down. He literally bear crawls, up on all fours. It's hilarious and everyone comments on it when they see him. Sometimes he'll crawl normal if he's not in a rush, but once he decides he need to speed up, the knees pull up and he's off!!

Health wise, Noah is doing great. The tubes have really seemed to make a world of difference for him which I'm so freakin thankful for. I think he's had a couple ear infections but we just use the drops and it's fine after a couple days. Amazing. They usually last 6 months or a bit more, so I guess we can anticipate them falling out sometime about 3 months from now. How will I even know? It will likely be a glob of earwax, right? Is it like the nasty belly button where suddenly you just find this gross little gob of something in the crib. I hope not, because Noah will probably just eat it. Ew. Sorry about that. Anyway...Noah had a bout of stomach flu this last week but it only lasted a day. Being such a great sharer, he shared it with Connor who threw up at a birthday party yesterday so that was lovely. They both seem to be feeling better now but we're still keeping them on super bland food to avoid starting it back up again.

Noah is quite chatty now though he still only says a couple things - mama and dada. I'm so thrilled to announce that mama was his first word! YES!! Connor said dada first so it was definitely my turn for the priority and I'm loving it. He'll wander around trying to find me saying "mamamamamamama". I love him.

He's still eating a lot of food. He came home from school the other day and his little daily report said he had a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch...and a corndog for snack. Maybe it was an error...but I kinda doubt it. My bear loves his food!! :)

I'm planning a flashback post here in the next week since Noah will be ONE this Saturday but everytime I look at his old pics I get all weepy. My little baby, turning one. How is that even possible?

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Krista said...

So glad the tubes have worked for Noah! They were such a help for Nate. You probably won't ever see the tubes when they fall out. They are tiny, tiny. We saw one of Nate's by chance, but not the other one.