Sunday, May 22, 2011

Easter 2011

We had another wonderful Easter this year and it was full of family and fun. My mom came over and decorated eggs with the boys - well the intention was to decorate with both boys, but Noah slept the entire time. Easter morning we woke up and the doorbell rang - Connor was thrilled to find his Easter basket outside waiting for him!! We got ready to head to my dad's house for egg finding but Connor's basket that had his eggs in the fridge was empty when he went to grab it! We explained that the bunny must have grabbed them to hide at Papa's :) We joined my dad and Tashi at his house to search for eggs and then went to visit with all the Barnes family. We had a yummy meal and got to spend time with family.

he was so excited about finding his Easter basket outside

We put puffs into Noah's easter eggs and he was thrilled with it

on the hunt for all of his eggs inside Papa's house

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