Tuesday, July 12, 2011

too lame, or gross, for facebook

sometimes there are things I really want to post on facebook but understand that the gross, boring, tedius or all of the above statements may not appeal to all of my friends. I guess that's what my blog is for. so here are my random thoughts today that I didnt post on fb...and keep in mind i'll post nearly anything on fb.

i think noah's bowells get moving when he's in the bath. maybe it's the warm water on his belly or maybe it's simply spite that the minute I have him clean he poops. literally, I get him out of the tub, dry him off and immediatly strap a fresh diaper on him and...bomb.

i read someone's post today that their 4 year old kid changes the diaper of their baby. maybe i'm doing this parenting thing wrong but connor only wipes his own ass about 50%...why on earth would i let him handle someone else's business?? perhaps i'm just not utilizing my resources sufficiently like this other mom seems to.

speaking of utilizing resources, I seriously cannot wait until my kids can do serious, back-breaking labor. This place needs a good scrubbing.

all my friends are having babies within like a few weeks of each other. The bestie had hers Thursday and our close friends are at the hospital as I type this. I know for many, being around babies really makes their ovaries ache but it just really re-affirms our decision to have two. not like I have a choice since the dr said no more babies for me but the decision to tie my tubes was a good one for us. I love their babies and love holding them and smelling them but I just can't do it all over again. I think the illness we've dealt with this past year has really taken it out of me cause I cannot do this baby thing over!

stay tuned. i have lots of posting to do to get caught up!

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