Sunday, August 7, 2011

Cooking for 15

Oh, it just feels like I'm cooking for 15? Gotcha.

I really fell off the wagon the week we were on vacation, but I expected that to happen and refused to feel bad about it - I'm on vacation afterall! Gearing up for vacay, we cleaned out the fridge so this past week there was nothing in the fridge, seriously, near nothing. I find that I do best on my current "diet" when I have plenty of food on hand. If I have plenty of cooked chicken, fish, chops, and even burgers on hand, I always have options. While I've never been a totally healthy eater, my issue has always been that I don't eat enough. I can tell when my weight loss slows that it's because I've had two meals lately instead of 4. My water intake sometimes slows too which is tell-tale.

So, we found a ton of cans of green chiles in the pantry today. They expire in less than 2 weeks. There's so much food in this house that I don't eat/cook with anymore and they've expired. We just had to throw out several ricearoni and hamburger helper boxes. such a waste, but I didn't even realize they were up there anymore since I'm not making them anymore.

Back to the green chiles. I just spent all morning making green chile talapia, green chile hamburgers, green chile pork chops and green chile chicken. The great thing is that I'll have food available for the next week and then some for both jeffrey and I. The bad thing is that the boys can't eat any of what I've made so I'm back to cooking at least two different meals everyday.

We did some serious grocery shopping yesterday and stocked back up on fruits & veggies so we'll have plenty of food for the next week. It really is amazing how much food a family of 4 (two of which have a combined weight of 55ish lbs) goes through.

There are so many amazing low carb recipes out there but they involve so much prep work and I just don't have the time. I do however, have the time to spend an hour one day cooking up a ton of chicken or pork chops to reheat throughout the week. After working all day and then getting home after picking up the boys, it's so much easier to reheat something for myself, dump some salad on my plate and maybe a tomato. Simple is what I need! If you have any simple ideas, let me know!

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