Monday, January 25, 2016

Moving Day!

So we closed on our dream home last Friday (cue the singing angels) and now we start the never ending task of home improvement stuff. We’re desperate to actually LIVE in our home, call us crazy. Unfortunately there were a couple things we wanted to take care of before we had the movers haul our stuff to the new house.

I’m not a project manager, but I am a busy, working mom with too many of my own activities plus my overscheduled kids’ calendars so I’m kinda good at juggling and scheduling shit. We closed Friday, had our tile regrout project start on Saturday morning and gave him a few days to make some progress before the painters started Tuesday (today). They should both likely wrap up Saturday and we have to get the floors sealed Sunday before the movers arrive at noon on Monday. Last night I realized that we never hired someone to seal the floors. Again, not a project manager.

I just googled “can I seal my own tile” and there were several YouTube videos instantly available. Danger! I am not handy. Jeff is not handy. We should NOT be considering sealing very expensive natural stone floors.

I really get that people like painters, tilers, etc want to SEE the project before they give you a bid but sheesh it’s inconvenient to have to drive to the home we’re not yet living in to meet them at all different times just to get quotes. This is the epitome of a first world problem, I get it.

So once the floors are all done, the house is all painted and we’re moved in, we have a whole other giant list of stuff to tackle. Our landscaper will be removing all the desert landscaping in the yard, installing irrigation and putting down sod so the giant lot we live on will actually be usable. The backyard is amazing with lemons, key limes, oranges and figs (figs!?) but they are all spread out and we know we won’t be able to transplant them which is a bummer. We’ll save the lemon tree since it’s off to the side, but the other 3 will likely be sacrificed for the sake of playspace for the boys.

Another project is refacing our ugly, dark cabinets into pretty white cabinets that look awesome with our counters. Can’t wait for that to happen but we have a LOT of cabinets – kitchen, laundry, bathrooms, linen closet in hallway…and that adds up! We’ve got one quote so far and I feel like we may as well just get new cabinets!

see: ugly brown cabinets that we hate. 

Fast forward to tomorrow, Tuesday, and we’re actually moving in – yay! It’s gonna be a crazy day so if you feel like randomly stopping by tomorrow would be the day to see some chaos. We have our movers delivering our stuff, two different furniture companies dropping off new stuff, appliances being delivered, internet being hooked up, one person coming to give us a quote on shutters and another to give us a quote for cabinets. This may have been a scheduling mistake. Your invitation is rescinded. Sorry, another time.

This was us like all weekend just hanging out at our empty house

The boys got to pick an accent wall color for their rooms. Miami Dolphins Teal & Chicago Bears Navy

We had pizza on the floor the night we closed. Then we had to leave our house since we had no furniture.

We’re so excited to actually get to live in the house we’ve been visiting nonstop for the last month. This time tomorrow we'll be back in our OWN BEDS!

Watch for more updates!

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