Thursday, May 3, 2012

Connor is 5!

We decided to go the "easy" way this year and have Connor's birthday party at P3, PPP, the piper...whatever. Peter Piper Pizza. I feel like we're there all the time with baseball and soccer stuff anyway so why not add on another day?!

He wanted a sports themed birthday party this year - who else is not surprised?? :) 

this kid seriously loves reading the cards. noah had clearly lost interest at this point

my dad knew we'd just recently let connor try soda so he decided to buy him a whole 8 pack of mini cans. he was thrilled.

this is what we wrapped up for connor - then jeffrey wheeled in the bike. it was a great surprise!

two balls being thrown at skee ball

after 4 hours at peter piper pizza this is as good as it gets for a family photo

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