Thursday, May 3, 2012

crockpot dump

we made a dozen burgers tonight and then i decided to put a crockpot together to cook during the day tomorrow so that once i've eaten ground beef all day I have something to mix it up a little for dinner...

i looked in the fridge to see what we had and came up with a few odds and ends. we shall see how it turns out tomorrow. i'm sure it will be fine - it's pretty basic.

Dump the following into the crockpot:

4 large frozen chicken breasts
1 can chicken broth, low sodium
1 can cream of chicken/celery/mushroom, fat free
1 bag frozen veggies - i had broccoli
couple handfulls of baby carrots (really you can use any veggies you'd like)
half an onion, chopped/sliced/whatever
liberally sprinkle italian seasonings over the whole thing

I'll be cooking it all day, so likely on the 8 or 10 hour setting.

My crock is not fancy. It cost me $20 and has two buttons.

Do you have a favorite crock pot recipe to share??

Happy Friday everyone!!

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