Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Packing is not fun.

Just in case you were thinking hmmm, buying a house sounds like a drag but that packing part sounds have it wrong. Someone lied to you. Cut them out of your life immediately. You don't need that in your life.

House hunting is fun, buying a house is fun, packing is not. You're welcome.

Yesterday I packed 6 boxes of kitchen stuff. Took me three hours and I don't feel like I really made that much progress. 5 boxes from the already thinned out playroom the day before and that room is looking ok.

Jeffrey thinks we can do all of our packing in like a day. Part of me wants to just let him try it just so I can watch it all unfold. This is not the nice part of me.

maybe we'll just leave it? 

Also trying to find a new house, wrap up Christmas shopping/prep, and going out of town all last weekend = zero progress.

Countdown Update: We have to be out of our house in 12 days!

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