Monday, December 7, 2015

That time a Realtor sold her own house...

Since I've really blow it at blogging over the last like 4 years, I've decided to give it another go. I think I'll "live blog" our family's upcoming real estate activity. weeeeeeee! This may likely be a horrible idea - maybe I'll complain about the process so much that all 4 people who will ever read this will see moving as such a nightmare that they decide to never ever do it and I'll lose that hypothetical business. Seems reasonable.

Jeff and I the day we closed on our house - that's right, it's a picture of a picture

So Jeff and I bought our house when we were babies in college. We had been living together for maybe a year or so and I hated living in an apartment and paying rent. Hated it. So I told Jeff why don't we just see what's out there to buy - ha! Please refer to one of my favorite movie scenes below, I'll wait.

We've talked about selling on and off for several years. Being a Realtor, you know I've had a search running for us for years as well. We see houses all the time but it was often for fun and being nosy and not totally realistic.So anyway...we bought a house. We loved this house, still do really. 3 bedrooms is literally a TON of space when you're 21 years old and have no furniture made of real wood, no kids and all of your cups are from bars and sorority date parties.  We got married while living here, celebrated hundreds of holidays, and brought both boys home from the hospital into this home. This was our first home, but we've outgrown it and the boys need more outdoor space to run some of their goddamn energy off.

I think shit got real when we were shopping for a new couch this past August. We found one we loved and were like minutes away from swiping our favorite travel miles credit card. I think I made a joke about clients deciding to not buy a house they loved because their stupid sectional wouldn't fit in the new space and we got kinda quiet. Is this really the house we're committed to enough to buy a giant new couch for. That's legit commitment, like going steady commitment. Did we really want to put a pretty new couch into this house just to have to move it to another house when we finally decide to get real about selling? Nope. We came home and immediately started getting to work to make it happen. 

Up Next in this thrilling series: The Urge To Purge!

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