Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Nearly Wordless Wednesday

We take Connor to storytime at the library every Tuesday. He loves it and I love taking him. The librarian there has incredibly unrealistic expectations of toddlers and young kids so that's fun too. Watching her go crazy when they won't sit still is wonderful. I'm a jerk.

Here are some pics from last week at storytime. Lauren brought Jack, Emma and Mady and Jill brought Chloe, Cadence and Brody (who I got zero pics of during this outing). At the end of storytime, it's bubble time and that's clearly what I took the most pics of.

cadence caught a bubble

emma waiting for the bubbles to come her way

mady showing me her bubble

chloe trying to catch one too

connor, cadence and some other kid...

connor and cadence jumping for bubbles

i think this is my current favorite connor pic. this is what pure joy looks like i think.

just a funny bathtime pic of connor to embarrass him with later--please note the huge drool. i love my kid.


Katy said...

This may be the first "bath time" picture you've posted!

Lindsay said...

no way! there have to be others. i love bath pics. he usually takes a shower, but every once in a while we'll break out the bubbles

Karen said...

I love that pic of Connor with the bubbles! Isn't it funny how something so simple brings so much happiness?

Jill said...

What library do you go to? We do story time at Barnes and Noble on Friday. Emma loves it but the teacher in me thinks it could be better.

Lindsay said...

Hey jill. we go to storytime at sunset library in chandler. it's tuesday evenings at 6 or 7. really like it.