Friday, August 28, 2009

Fridays Dose of Brilliance

Dear Keiko,
Thank you.

Keiko thought this site would be great for today's post and I really must concur. All my really close friends know how much I hate Walmart. I hate everything about it. Seriously folks, it gives me visible anxiety to be in fact, I didn't enter a Walmart for nearly 5 years until just under a year ago when I broke down and purchased a cooler there. I'll spare you the details here and just tell you that the cooler was twenty bucks cheaper than it was at Target and I just couldn't fight the obvious discount. Since then, I've slowly allowed myself to make a trip here or there but today's site really just affirms my feelings on the place. That's it, Walmart ban is back full force.

Anyway, so here is today's site: People of Walmart. It's brand in it just started yesterday I think so get ready to love it.


Liv said...

Where do you find all of these awesome websites??

Jill said...

Awesome. Beyond awesome. Guess I need to make sure I am dressed to the nines when I go now!

But don't put Wal-mart completely behind you, those outfits for Cadence's birthday were fabulous and some of my favorites in her wardrobe!

Jill said...

This is hilarious! I agree with your Wal-Mart views and now that Eric manages a Desert Schools inside one, we visit the place more then I care to speak about.