Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Nearly Wordless Wednesday

We had Meet the teacher night at connor's school last week...which really meant it was an opportunity for Connor and Aidan to hang out. Or, Nonner and Adie as they call each other. They really crack me up. They've been bffs since they were just a few months old and even when they don't see each other for weeks they get so excited to hang out. Here are a few photos of them in their new classroom. After those are a few random pics from the past week, just hanging out at home.

you can't really see it but on the far left of this pic connor has his arms outstretched. this is when they first saw each other and Aidan is running for him :)

because the shoes make the man-boy



Karen said...

I love the picture of them excited to see each other!! That is so cute!

Katy said...

That picture of Aiden running to Connor!!! Awesome

Paul, Lisa and Audrey said...

I think I know this Aidan...does he have an older sister Gabby and a mom Stephanie who is a teacher?