Tuesday, February 15, 2011

More soccer pics

Connor is almost done with his first soccer season and while it started out amazing with 11 goals in his first 3 games, we had a rough patch there for a bit. He got taken down by the neck by this weirdo kid and got really skittish. Totally stopped going after the ball and just ran along with the pack kinda. Well, finally this week he snapped out of it and scored three more goals! Yippee Connor :)

Here are a few pics from recent weeks. I swear the registration fee is worth it just in cute uniforms and priceless pics alone!!

Kaci and Connor - future soccer stars :)

I swear I feel like that Office Space song, Damn it feels good to be a gangsta should be playing to this picture. Kaci, Connor and Gus

So, after getting hurt a few time with some rough takedowns we started trying to talk to him about brushing it off and getting back into the game if he's really ok. We're not mean, I swear...but there's a difference between really getting hurt and just getting a little spooked. We told him that whenever he falls down if he's not hurt he can stand up, brush himself off and flex his muscles. Seriously, the next play we say him go down hard at the end of the field - even though his back was to us we could see him get up and flex his muscles. It was amazing. Sometimes kids really do listen.
love running through the parent tunnel at the end of the game. I swear those kids run though 8 times

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