Thursday, September 8, 2011

Life is like an ice-cream cone, you have to lick it one day at a time. -Charles M. Schultz

Connor's afternoon teacher gives the kids one piece of candy when they go home if they were good that day. Only kids who were on their "best behavior" get a piece of candy so it's a pretty big deal :)

Yesterday Connor told me when we were leaving the school that he forgot to get his candy. I told him that he could have a piece of candy when we got home. Then the tooth stuff happened and candy dropped down low on our list of important stuff.

Today when I picked him up, Connor told his teacher that he was due TWO pieces of candy from yesterday and today. I told his teacher that it was ok as long as it wasn't chewy - because of his tooth. The teacher told Connor that all he had were tootsie rolls (what???) and that he'd bring him something tomorrow.

4 year olds can only be put off so long with rewards so I told Connor that we would get an ice cream cone on our way home. He was THRILLED but after about 30 seconds of sincere celebration, he asked me if he could have ice cream too. I was confused but then realized that he thought i literally meant he could have a CONE. I love this kid. I told him I supposed so and there was lots more celebration. He told everyone we passed picking up Noah that he was getting an ice cream cone AND some ice cream. :)

When we pulled up to the McD drive thru I ordered one vanilla cone and this voice shouts out from the backseat, "and ice cream in it please!". Shouts it. After I straightened out the order taker we got Connor's cone and ice cream and he was thrilled.

BTW - Day One...tooth still attached. Yay.


Krista said...

Love it! Ha!

Katy said...

what a stickler for those details, lol