Saturday, September 24, 2011

Swim Lessons

Connor was in swim lessons for two years and took his last lesson on the day Noah was born. We decided to take a break from swim since it would be really difficult to manage weekly swim lessons with a newborn in tow. Since then, Connor played tball and soccer and we weren't as optimistic to think that we could toss swim lessons in there at the same time and survive with our already packed schedule as much as we wanted to.

I found a blatant excuse to spend money on something I wouldn't normally buy groupon for swim lessons for a month at 1/2 price and decided to go for it.

The place we originally went, Gold Medal Swim, was great and we loved it. pricey, but really nice and worth it we thought. Swim Kids in Mesa had the groupon and we have friends who really like the place so we went for it.

We weren't as impressed with the place as we were with Gold Medal, but Connor really thrived in his 5 classes. He made really big improvements, and quicker than at Gold Medal so we were happy about that.

Today was his last swim lesson and he did so great. He did what they call 'float, swim, float' across the length of the pool so the manager came over mid-class and gave us a ribbon for Connor for hitting that milestone. It was a pretty exciting moment, even if it was his last class :(

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cincoalto said...

Way to go Connor! I was a Swimkid too! I started there when I was 5 weeks old, it was called Swimfants back then. Glad to hear the program still works, I need to get rhys scheduled.