Friday, October 28, 2011

2011 Fall Festival

The boys' school held their annual Fall Festival tonight and we just got home. I'm exhausted. It's been a looooong week. Tuesday night we had Connor's baseball team pictures, Wednesday I had a not fun dentist appointment, Thursday we had baseball practice and then tonight was the festival. Imagine working a full day and then topping your exhaustion off with something every flippin night of the week. This weekend is full too. Oh, and then Monday is Halloween. It's obvious I enjoy being busy, but this is just nutso.

Connor has wanted to go as his hero, Buzz Lightyear for a couple years now. I always try to avoid the store costumes but when we let him try it on a few weeks ago, he made the cheapy costume look way too adorable to pass up. His wings were killing me though. He'd had them on for 5 minutes at the house and managed to knock over a frame and a cup of milk. Once we got to the school, he grazed the many cups of popcorn and then several bowls of chex mix. Disaster, but cute. There was a costume contest and Connor won Most Original - it makes no sense that a Buzz costume from Party city would win this category, but perhaps I'm overthinking it. A win's a win.

We didn't know what to do for Noah. I thought it would be hilarious to have him dress as one of the Pizza Planet aliens but we just ran out of time to be creative with it. I randomly saw a Charlie Brown picture somewhere and was inspired. Simple and perfect. He looked adorable. I struggled trying to get yellow socks for him for weeks. I shopped and found nothing. I decided to try and dye them and the color looked amazing until I washed them and it came completely out. I gave up and decided the tell-tale Charlie Brown shirt would carry the costume.

Jeff & I dressed up too, though as usual I'm not in any of the pictures. Jeff went as Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang and I don't think anyone knew he was actually dressed up. I went as a deviled egg. random? Yes. did anyone know what I was? No.

even charlie brown throws temper tantrums when he doesn't want his picture taken

Sheldon Cooper & Charlie Brown

"to infinity & beyond!"

we were thrilled to see a painting of Charlie Brown so we had to get a picture!

Each of the classrooms had a different project and ways to get candy! In the baby room, the boys got to decorate little pumpkins with foam stickers. I was thrilled that they had owl stickers :)

every now and then Noah would just sit down and snack on some popcorn. It's allowed when you're this adorable.

they took turns playing bean bag toss

another necessary popcorn break

If there's one thing I know, Charlie Brown LOVES dancing

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Krista said...

I think the judges were being ironic. Either that or it's just because your kids are so darn cute!