Sunday, November 13, 2011

Art Fair 2011

We aren't really artsy people and we don't really tend to buy artsy stuff, but every November you bet your ass we'll be at the huge Fountain Hills Art Fair. Why you ask would we go to a fair full of homemade clothing, organic soaps and beauties like this?

Well for fair food of course silly! Oh man, we go every year. Carly and Bobby joined us last year and I was thrilled when I got a text yesterday asking if we were planning on going again this year. OF COURSE! was our response so we all headed that way Sunday morning. Sunday is football day for all of us, so you can see this is quite a sacrifice. Totally worth it.

my turkey leg. it's a tradition. don't judge me.

being classy with fair food is way, way tougher than it sounds. clearly, we nailed it.

this is exactly what most of our photo attempts look like. one smiling adorb but looking somewhere else, one smiling creepily and looking directly at the camera, and one rando McD toy photo bombing our picture. #perfect

some sprinkles in the morning but a gorgeous day outside

Colton being super cool and adorable

another typical pic for us :) One smiling like an angel and the other passed out with food on his shirt.

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