Wednesday, November 23, 2011

So you are considering having children?

First of all, I love my children. It has to be said though that there are things I couldn't even imagine before having children. Boys namely. Here's how my morning began today.

Every morning while Jeff & I are getting ready Connor sneaks into our room and surprises us.  We usually see him but pretend that he scares us.  Whatev, he loves it.  This morning he appears behind me while I'm getting ready and there's dried blood ALL OVER his smiling face, mostly surrounding his mouth and nose.  I see it's on his shirt, pants, and hands and I freak out.  After a quick inspection of where the blood is coming from, I realize it's darkest in one nostril.  And one finger.  Yep, he must have been picking his nose overnight and not realized it was bleeding a TON.  He looked like a vampire* there was so much blood.

*obvious twilight reference. you're welcome.

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