Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Photo Dump - Baseball Style

ugh. why do i suck at blogging so much? i'm sorry to my tens of readers. true story.
Connor is playing baseball again and being adorable while doing it. Since he's only 4 he's supposed to be doing tee ball for another year but he really wanted to move on to coach pitch. We lied and said he was 5 when we registered him this year. Amazing Parents party of 2? Yes.
We're playing with a few of the kids from his tee ball team, Aidan (the bff), Kaitlyn, and Elias so that is nice. There are a bunch of new kids too and although there are 14 of them, I swear it feels like there are 50 of them. herding cats. Jeff is assistant coach again which I find adorable. I agreed to be team mom. I mean why not? Like I have a ton of other commitments? Like I have control issues? yes to both.
Their team name is Cool Awesome Cats - hilarious. so uncomfortable to say. Some of the kids wanted Cool Cats and some wanted Awesome Cats so we combined. Kids are crazy.
Here are a bunch of pics from the first 6 games.

playing catch with Aidan
getting a talk from Coach Jeff
One of our fans made us this great sign!
chillaxin with crackers
bear bear

LOVE the concentration
the kids LOVE the parent tunnel at the end of the games!
the one requirement for Noah at games...carbs
the other team showing Noah how to hold the bat :)
Coach Jeff pitching to the kids during the game

bear wants to play so badly

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