Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Very Happy Halloween 2011

ugh. i just realized this was never posted. fml.

Buzz Lightyear & Charlie Brown!
Addison, Kaden, Jacob, Connor, Madison and Noah
Madison throwing a fit when Noah stole her chair
completely unfazed and enjoying stolen chair
Buzz & Jessie (Connor & Bella) with Kaden
The Blums busted out the Halloween train again this year. It was a hit again!
this was the ONLY time Noah carried his pumpkin by the handle - he carried it like a hunny pot all night!
it only took Noah one house to learn the ropes. He was great and loved it. He'd just keep taking candy out of the bowl until someone stopped him!

Connor's wings were constantly in the way and whacking kids in the face
some of the scary decoration
sometimes they even got drive thru service!
evaluating his loot!

Happy Halloween!!
The Barnes Family :)

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