Monday, April 23, 2012

five year old well check

Did you know they start doing vision checks when kids turn five? Me neither.

God I hope Connor gets jeffs perfect vision and not my crap vision. My last exam went so poorly that my contacts are now deemed "medically necessary" - the contacts. woot woot.

The test was similar to an adult screening but instead of letters they used horrible pictures of a house, cow, chicken, train and coffee mug. mug. The pictures were a bit deceiving I think as the pictures were odd. whatev. chicken and cow were practically twinsies.

I wish they'd just done the old standby with alpha. He passed, 20/25. damn chicken/cow.

He's had some growth over the last year. He's tipping the scale at 35.4 lbs and 39" tall. Still really small but maintaining growth so no one is concerned. except me of course. i love my shorty. but shorty better get a couple more inches if he wants to have free reign at Disneyland in the fall. just sayin.

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The Neerings Family said...

Man, I should see if my contacts are medically necessary! Free contacts would be AWESOME! haha ;o) Wish I was brave enough (or had the money) to get Lasik!

I think Audrey has an inch or so to go to be able to ride all the rides at Disneyland, we hope to go by Christmas 2013. Since Owen is about 34lbs & 35ish in right now, we're pretty sure he'll be good by then too!

{Can I just say that if you're behind on your blog, I don't feel so bad. You were always soooo good at it!}