Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Nearly Wordless Wednesday

I'd be lying if I said that a Disneyland post was in the works. i'm still recovering from the trip so i'm not at all ready to write about it. If we're friends on facebook, you've already been assaulted with over 200 photos of my family in the last week so for today I'll photo dump all the Instagram/Mobile pics from Disneypalooza 2012.
(also, these posted in reverse order and it's far too much work to move them. never claimed to be dedicated)

the boys had matching shirts each day. this was their woody/buzz day.
Noah refused to wear his ears - no shocker there. Always the golden child, connor was prepared to pose.
Jeff & Bear on hsi favorite ride - Winnie the Pooh. I think Noah rode this 6 or 7 times
We took this pic when we decided to add an extra day to our Disney tickets. I should have looked
closer at my children and changed my mind. (these are their day 4 shirts)
this is how we get Bear to wait in the long, long Disney lines. carbs. lots of carbs.
can anyone explain the cult-like obsession with Mr Toad's Wild Ride? I just dont get it.
this is my social-media shy SIL Steph and Bear.
nope, no thanks.
waiting for Cars ride - we waited for 2 hours for the Radiator Springs Racers
papa & tashi striking a pose on Disneyland Day 1. We had family photos taken at Disneyland this day.
(Day one shirts)
My MIL got the boys these adorb, matching jackets. They are adorable. Luckily day one was
cool enough to wear them for a few hours. The other days it was HOT, like AZ hot.
probably the best pic jeff and i have ever taken. i'll probably put it on a tote bag or some coasters
expect one for christmas on a mouse pad
our baggage
windmills on the way to California
Our one stop on the roadtrip there.
Quartzsite - thank you for your Burger King and filthy restrooms
another coaster-worthy photo though i'm clearly wearing far too much jewelry for Quartzsite, AZ
also, jeff somehow lost this hat at Disneyland. :(
the official start to our trip - filling up in AZ to avoid CA gas prices
Minnie Mouse Nails!! Let me tell you that they were a HUGE hit.

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