Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday's Dose of Brilliance

In light of my convo with erin today about how I do zero for the sake of the environment, I decided I’d make my Friday’s Dose of Brilliance about eco-friendly products. They are both great sites for baby and kid stuff.

Happy Green Baby-This site has some really cute clothes and décor items. I mean just look at this adorable tee with I’ll save the world one day. Very cute. Sorry though, I really, really can’t get behind the cloth diapering idea. I understand how horrible Connor’s Huggies are for the planet, but do YOU understand how many times a newborns diaper is changed daily!?

My Little Pakora
-Ok, this site has adorable stuff. When I was pregnant with Connor all the organic stuff was beige and so blah. Now, things have color and they are earth-friendly. What more could I ask for…oh, except the cute toddler tee I want to NOT be $22. I swear I think the most I’ve ever spent on a shirt for Connor is maybe $15. my poor deprived kiddo. :)

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