Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Nearly Wordless Wednesday

This weeks photos are from some of Connor's recent adventures, starting with his visit to the dentist last week. Their office is so fun. You can see him playing with the big video game station and then hugging all over creepy ET guy. The last dentist pic is of him and the big toothbrush they gave him to play with-mistake. he then smacked it against everything in the room.

Here are some fun swimming pics of Connor with Jeffrey at swim lessons. Most weeks we are both in the pool with him, but I wanted to get some good pics so I sat this lesson out. The first couple pics are of Connor floating on his back. He hates this. Usually screams and flails around. This past week there was some kind of backfloat breakthrough and he now tolerates it. That’s all I can ask for! The last pic is of his “sit and wait”, where he learns to stay out of the water until mommy or daddy invites him in.


Katy said...

ahhh, I love the picture with the babe with creepy ET

Ern said...

hahaha! These pics are hilarious!

1. I started to read the first description before looking at the pictures. I mistakenly read "creepy ET guy" as "Creepy IT guy", and I thought, "gross, linds. why are you letting your kid hug random dudes?" And then I scrolled down and saw that it was a "creepy ET guy"... haha!

2. LOVE the swim pics! and I love "sit and wait"... such a perfect/safe concept. and I love his face in the backfloat pics. so hilarious!

Ern said...

BTW, I think passive-agressive notes is my favorite website, by far!

Lindsay said...

yeah, it's def one of my favorite sites too.

creepy IT guy!! haha.

Katy said...

I just saw ET again. Love it. I'm going to buy one of those for Connor for x-mas so you'll have the pleasure of that sitting in your living room.

Lindsay said...

Oh yes please. Please buy my kid the creepiest toy ever. While you are at it, I hear he’d love a chucky doll and then maybe you can pre-pay for some therapy. Thanks!!