Friday, August 29, 2008

Take that Denver

Well, McCain officially announced his choice for running mate just a few moments ago and I'm a fan. She's, yes she's, relatively young in politics and I recently heard a lot about her from a personal standpoint. Since there will surely be countless articles sited from the political standpoint, here is a completely non-political story that is worth reading.

I have to say that unlike nearly everyone else in politics, everything I've heard, I like! I can't say that about anyone else so I am finally looking forward to November. I don't care that she's a woman as much as I don't care that Barack is black. Who cares? I don't think it should gain you any votes just as I don't think it should cost you any votes. But to be honest and truly realistic, you use what you have and if being a mother and a woman gets you the votes I guess it would be remiss to think you wouldn't use it to your full advantage. Because she is a mother. And she is a woman. (take that hilary) I can't wait to read more about her, as I only found out who she was a few months ago.

I think she's a smart choice. The moderates will surely tend to like her as she's from Alaska and has environmental concerns, an issues largely granted to the libs. Her approval is near unheard of at 90% making her the most popular governor in the nation. She's a fiscal conservative and the mother to a soldier. I think that by far my favorite quote from the governor came when she was asked her opinion on capital punishment in the case of a particularly heinous crime, such as the murder of a child. Simply put, "My goodness, hang 'em up, yeah". me likey...
Here is another worthwhile article that sheds some light on who she is as a mom. I couldn't be more excited that the first, serious, candidate for the GOP is this woman. I'm looking forward to learning more about her, what she stands for and what her intentions are for our country and the next four years.

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Katy said...

I can't comment really about her as I don't know that much. Good post though