Thursday, October 2, 2008

Way to go Connor!

I'm going to be a braggy mom for a quick moment. Miss Katherine told us at swim that because Connor's so good at sticking his head under water, the sit and wait, breath control and torpedo pass, he's graduated to Baby & Me II!! We got a ribbon and everything. Great Job baby boy!! Here's a quick vid of him on the big red mat. the kid is hilarious. he's been walking for almost 8 months now-longer than any of the other kiddos-but he will only crawl across the mat!

Few pictures of Connor and his ribbon!


Ern said...

So cute! That's so awesome that you're getting him used to the water at such a young age.

And what's up with Connor's muscle tee? haha.

Katy said...

I watched that 3 times. I loved it. I like how he locks his legs when she's trying to stand him up again. Like, uh NO. That thing is very unstable, let's see YOU walk across it.