Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday's Dose of Brilliance...and our trip to the Firehouse

So, on Fridays i usually do a couple new sites that i'm in love with but today I am just going to post about one. it's no secret that i take a crapload of photos (haha keiko, yes i just may be more japanese than you!). Our fam is always, always on the go and running from swim to lunch to a birthday party to sporting events so we have lots and lots of opportunities to get some pics of the kiddo! My friend Nancy posted about this photo editing site, picnik she found and I checked it out. I'm still kinda learning my way around it but so far i'm loving it. You can add matte, adjust shadowing and all the other things you can do on most photo editing software, but it's super easy. I'm a photoshop girl myself, but i'm liking this site for quick and easy editing.

Connor is on fall break this week and instead of sending him to 'camp' through his normal school, we decided to get the days covered by ourselves ane family. Al watched him Monday, my dad on Tuesday, Jeffrey on Wednesday and I stayed home with him yesterday and today. It's been great and makes me (almost) wish I could stay at home with him daily. Yesterday we really didn't do much. We took a couple walks around the neighborhood, took a nap (both of us!) and just played at the house. Today, my moms group was taking a trip to the Gilbert Fire Department so we decided to go along. Below are some pics of our day at the firehouse as well as just a few that i edited on picnik. enjoy:)

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