Friday, October 31, 2008

Dena & Rob

I was asked by Nancy today to pass along a blog. It's not a funny blog, it's not one that you'll probably want to forward to friends who enjoy witty posts and hilarious photos. But it's really one to read. It's just getting started and it all began when Dena got a call from the military saying her husband had been injured in Afghanistan. Click here to read their story.

I'm not a writer, and so I don't really have words to explain what Dena and Rob are going through except to say that I cannot even imagine how strong you both are. For Dena, to be able to pick yourself up off the ground after receiving such horrible, life changing news and take care of yourself and your family. To have fly your children to stay with out of state relatives so that you can rush to be with your husband. As I write this, she is on her way to Germany where Rob is being transported. They are not yet fully aware of the extent of his injuries except that he has lost both legs and has a possible bleed in his brain.

When our friends Nancy and Ryan went through this a few years ago, I found myself constantly checking their personal site. I was desperate for information and I knew that the outpouring from friends and strangers alike was extremely comforting to Nancy. Please take a moment to read their story as well. Start in the journal and start in the beginning. My only caution is that you'll be in tears, crazy can't catch your breath sobs, so choose your reading time/location wisely!

I'm told that comments, even if left by strangers, are incredibly comforting and that feeling the support of those who care about your story is equally important. If you have a blog, feel free to post their site and share Dena and Rob's story.

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