Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Thank You Erin!

Thank you so much for Connor's adorable shirt! We love it. Today I gave him the choice between wearing his Spain shirt and some other shirt--he chose this one of course! I think it's because he values the rich culture and tradition of Spain-Jeffrey thinks it's because it's red. Regardless, thank you are amazing to think of us during your travels!! :)
The Barnes Fam


Katy said...

Ahh, so cute. I too like to think that connor chooses to wear that shirt because he wants to show his pride for his home country... Spain.

Ern said...

LOL! Oh yeah, Connor's homeland of Spain. haha. Thanks Linds. I kinda stressed over it. Most of the kids shirts were really cheesy and lame. I'm so glad it fits too! I love your little guy.

Also, what's up with the MAJOR bling on your blog? haha! so funny.

Lindsay said...

know what's really funny...i didn't even realize that there were huge diamonds on this layout until yesterday...i just liked the red/black damask design.
don't you think it's very dark and twilighty? :)

Ern said...

oh no. You did NOT just correlate this blog background to Twilight. Hahaha!