Wednesday, September 29, 2010

"A baseball bat is a wondrous weapon" -Ty Cobb

Connor started tball this week. He's been asking to play for two years now and we finally gave in signed him up. We asked his two besties Kaci & Aidan if they'd want to play too and we were lucky that we all got on the same team. It's really great that they can all see each other like this since Connor isn't at school with them anymore and I know he misses them like crazy :)

The league meeting was this past weekend and it couldn't come fast enough. that's what she said. sorry. We initially signed Connor up for tball in July so about 513 times a day we have to tell him that tball starts soon, tball will be in a few weeks, tball will start when it's cooler outside. finally it's here!! We got his uniform all ordered, though I still don't know what our team color is going to's killing me. I want to buy a shirt for Jeff, Noah and I to match :) Also killing me is that we won't find out our game schedule until 4 days before the first game. The OCD is raging at this. raging.

Our Coach, Coach Paul who is also a realtor in real life :) scheduled practices for tuesday and thursday evenings at 5pm. I'm told this is totally normal for practices to be when the majority of the workforce are still, not everyone is a SAHM or a teacher folks...I don't get it but whateves. Jeff didn't even think twice and is leaving work early on Tuesdays and Thursdays for practices. I love him. We practice in Tempe so it's pretty easy for us to get there since my office and the boys' school is just about 2 miles away from the park.

Papa Van Hook and Grammy & Papa Barnes came to Connor's first practice on Tuesday. My mom was in Colorado and was so sad to miss it...I know she'll be there tomorrow night though so she'll get to cheer them on too. Connor, Aidan and Kaci were so excited to see each other it was like they ran to each other in amazing slow motion.

Practice went about 100% as we'd feared expected. Connor was a ball hog and threw himself down on the ground anytime someone else got to the ball first, which became rare toward the end of practice when he completely gave up catching the ball and opted for tossing his entire body on top of it so that no one else could even have a shot. Awesome. I'm so glad that Jeff was busy doing his assistant coach stuff so that he didn't see Connor melting down. He's three and I know that...he will share toys, but he draws the line at baseball apparently. He's just so damn obsessed. He'll learn but I think my dad's right when he said it's bound to be a long damn season. :)

practice is serious business ok?

stretching and warming up with Coach Paul

practicing running the bases

Connor & Kaci heading home

Grammy Barnes & Baby Bear (aka Noah...)

Aidan did great and had a much, much better attitude than Mr. Barnes

Connor: Aidan I swear I will cut you if you get to that ball before I do.

practice is over, we can be friends again :)


Krista said...

LOVE IT! I cannot wait until Nate is old enough for organized sports.

Jeni Lyn said...

haha! I love this post! And just an FYI - T-BALL is a LONG season. It really doesn't get fun until they are about 10 (I know! only 8 more years!) But you have to sit through those years of torture to get to the good stuff.