Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Three Months Old

Noah Jackson is growing leaps and bounds right now. It's amazing. He doesn't have an appointment at 3 months so we did our own measurements at home. We tried to measure him but all we had in the house was one of those huge silver tool box measuring tape things. Not easy, but he came in around 25". By our scientific method (weigh me, weigh me holding noah, figure the difference) he's just about 16 pounds. Is that possible? He's not fat, just super long and sturdy I guess. He does have some delicious thieghs though :)

He's smiling more and more recently which is just so much fun. He smiles as soon as he sees that we're about to feed him which probably explains the twenty pounds :)!! We're religious to his schedule where he eats every 4 hours except overnight. He's been sleeping through the night for several weeks now thankfully. His last feeding is around 10am and he eats again in the morning at 7am. For the most part, he'll sleep the entire time overnight but sometimes he'll fuss at some point, but eventually pass back out. Yes, we're a 'cry it out' household and it works great for us. We get sleep and they learn to self-soothe. As a parent you learn the difference between a real cry and a 'meh, i woke up and i'm annoyed' cry. trust.

We're trying to get him to spend more time on his tummy but like most babies he's not in love with that idea. He'll tolerate it for a bit but then will scream until you give in and pick him up. Then he'll look at you like, finally.

He's still doing great with nursing but it's more of an appetizer for him. He eats 7oz each bottle feeding. When I nurse him, we top him off with anywhere between 4-7 ounces. i love my pig baby. I'm still going and getting him from school every day at 11 to nurse him at my office. I really love it and it breaks up my day nicely. My coworkers love that they get to see him everyday too. :)

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Karen said...

I love chubby babies! He really looks more and more like Connor to me. I want to meet them! :)