Friday, August 27, 2010

Random thoughts for today

1. I really like my new owl ring. Yes, i know i'm obsessed with owls but this was $8 and I don't see this obsession lessening anytime soon.

2. Rehearsal dinner tonight immediately after work, getting ready for wedding tomorrow early and ceremony at 1:30 tomorrow followed by reception. HOW THE HELL AM I GOING TO WORK PUMPING INTO THIS SCHEDULE.

3. the boys are staying with my inlaws this weekend until we pick them up on Sunday. I packed for them last night but I have no idea if I remembered anything. It just occured to me that this is Noah's first overnighter. Ahhh. :) We're so freakin lucky to have such amazing family close-by who love our boys and will babysit every chance they get.

4. there are a couple teachers in Connor's class who are obsessed with an almost creepy way. One of them is way worse than the other. She's very sweet and I know he'll always get plenty of attention but my god...if my kid ever turns up missing remember I wrote this. :) When he leaves for the day she tells him that she loves him and shouts out 'huge & kisses' to him. Too much, right? right. she tells me everyday that he's her favorite and that she tells her mom and boyfriend about him all night and looks forward to Mondays over the weekend. Strike one - who looks forward to Monday? Should I call the authorities now or later?

5. Next weekend is ASU's Sorority Recruitment. Super excited. I liked rush as a collegiate but love it as an alum. We don't get to dress up cute and meet potential Sisters but I still really like it. Plus, once it's over a huge, huge part of my job is done and I can relax a bit - just a little bit.

6. i'm torn on whether i want it to rain tomorrow. part of me says yes so that it will be a bit cooler in my MOH dress, ugh. part of me says no since our friends are getting married and that would suck - for them. fine. i don't want it to rain as i desperately want to look sweaty in photos. oh, the wedding isn't about me you say? gotcha.

7. I am so swamped at work. overwhelmed more like it actually. there are two big parts of my job that I do...statements and ledgers. when i took on this job i was getting 10 statement requests a day and now i get 30. i was getting 5-6 ledgers a week and now i'm getting 10-15 a day! That's more than a 300% increase, right? If one more person tells me that means job security i may get violent. probably not, but it's possible.

8. it just started raining at my office and seriously there are four of us standing at the door watching it. watching rain. that's how you spot an AZ native folks.

9. I was reminded today about the amazing prize I won at the Dbacks Xmas party last year. I won two spa treatments at the Westin Kierland Spa. I still haven't used them which is so typical of me. I love gift certificates, but I hoard them. I can't say why I just do. Maybe I'm saving them in case one day we have zero money and I'll pull out my barnes & noble, target, dsw and spa certificates and i'll think, "we're gonna be just fine". yep, that's rational.

10. Noah turns 3 months old tomorrow. Can you believe it? I can't. I love this age because he's developing more and more personality. He smiles for real reasons now and he smiles a lot! He likes having his picture taken and hates when I blow in his face. He loves when we kiss him all over and hates waking up in the carseat. Loves 'standing' and hates if we're even 2 minutes late to feed him. we call him Noah Bear or Bear because he's so big and super long. :)

Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend everyone!


Katy said...

I walk out into our main area at work with windows just to watch the rain. No one else does, just me. PS-use those kierland gift cards stat! Ahh, I wish I had a spa gift cert.

Aimee said...

I'm obsessed with your owl ring!

I'm glad to hear that my enthusiasm for owls won't fade, even as an alum!