Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Nearly Wordless Wednesday

The boys started at their new school this week. So far, we're working out a few kinks but we've found that's to be expected when you start at a new place and there is a bit of a learning curve to get over. Really loving them being so close to my office. I've been over every day so far to get Noah mid-day to nurse him here at my office. I just walk next door, grab him and bring him back to my office :) In fact...I've got him right now. he says hi. not really sillies.

Here are a few pics of the boys on their first day of school.

he really doesn't need a backpack. all he has to bring to school are a spare pair of underroos just in case...but he loves his backpack. i love that it's bigger than him and looks hilarious.

wasn't loving his tummy time this particular evening and after about 10 minutes of absolute freaking out he straight passed out. it made me crack up since he just looks so peaceful...totally worn out from his tantrum :)

i hate that our bed is constantly photographed with the mattress pad showing, but Noah is still at that peeing every stage and our sheets are always being washed. Worst part? We have three sets of sheets and they are on constant rotation every day or so. Maybe eventually we'll learn and stop changing him on the bed. Maybe not.

Happy Wednesday!

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witticism here said...

Your boys are so deelishus--they make it impossible to spell.

PS- I don't usually have my speakers on, but I did tonight and am loving your music!